02/21/2024 - the_mud_room - “Titanium Channels Ha-Ha” Beatdown

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 02/21/2024

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Zookeeper(yay!), Kiwi, 4K, Sonic Boom, Titanium


Husband “Ha-Ha” generously offered us some Q sheets he had stored up to use sometime soon, so I took them (and adjusted them a little for us since there were too many repeats and I get bored…). These were all taken from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness blog and modified to FiA names! You can try to guess what each one was.

Warmed up with some in cadence exercises then a run to “stairway to heaven”, up and down, then ran back. Did the first set of exercise rounds, then ran to parking deck stairs and tapped the 3rd floor sign before coming back down and returning to the green. Did the Full Body set, ran to the stairs or around the green, and finished up with the Circuit rounds. We added Round Robin abs and were done!

The Thang:

Round 1

  1. Rear-foot elevated split squat
  2. Incline dumbbell press
  3. Chest-supported dumbbell row
  4. Kickstand deadlift

Round 2

  1. Dumbbell squat
  2. Flat dumbbell press
  3. Bent-over dumbbell row
  4. Straight-leg deadlift

Round 3

  1. Bodyweight squat
  2. Pushup
  3. Inverted row
  4. Glute bridge walkout 10-20 reps


Full Body WO with Weights

  1. Clean and press
  2. Bent-over row
  3. Squat
  4. Chest press
  5. Straight-leg
  6. Curls
  7. Skull crusher
  8. Calf Raises


Circuit Workout:

This full-body workout will pump up each muscle group in your body. Start by performing one set of each exercise in round 1. Then rest for 3 minutes. Move to round 2, do each exercise, and rest another 3 minutes. Repeat this process until you do all four rounds. If you’re short on time, that’s it. If you want to push the limits, you can do up to three cycles of the entire workout.

Round 1

  1. Rear-foot elevated split squat
  2. Dumbbell squat
  3. Bodyweight squat

Round 2

  1. Incline dumbbell press
  2. Flat dumbbell press
  3. Pushup

Round 3

  1. Chest-supported dumbbell row
  2. Bent-over dumbbell row
  3. Inverted row

Round 4

  1. Kickstand deadlift
  2. Straight-leg deadlift
  3. Glute bridge walkout 10-20 reps


After reading Arnold’s words of wisdom: “If it jiggles, it’s fat” and Sonic Boom sharing the Biblical quote: “All the fat belongs to GOD”, we went around the circle sharing something we were grateful for. Good start to the day!


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