FiA Alpha Newsletter – August 2020

FiA Alpha now has our own WebsiteBusiness CardsNote Cards!  New Flyers!

We are so excited!  Still in the works are yard signs that we can use to advertise our workouts whenever and wherever we meet.  Each of these will help us share our great group with other women – you can electronically share the flyer, hand out cards (keep it safe!), and send notes to FNGs and anyone you miss seeing.

The website will be a hub for our backblasts, finding workouts for anyone interested in FiA, and lots of other fun information.  Check it out at  Still not quite through with it, but you’ll get the feel.  If you have suggestions, please pass them on!

Huge thanks to Carmen San Diego (Bart) from F3 Cherokee for the website creation, and Scott (Flip Flops’ husband) for the flyer, business card, and note card! 

Bald Ridge Lodge “Billy Bucks” Wishlist

Bald Ridge Lodge in Cumming is a non-profit home-like stabilization facility for young men 12-21.  Our very own “Tex” is the Executive Director.  She took a poll of the guys for their wish list of items they would like to see in the Billy Bucks Store (where they can spend their “fake money” they earn doing extra things around the Lodge). 

We will collect wish list items (plus any others you think the guys would enjoy) throughout August – simply bring them to a workout and we’ll gather the goodies for Tex to deliver!

Introducing the First Annual FiA Olympics
August 22, 2020

FiA Nation is sending information soon about regional participation in #FiAOlympics2020! We can join the fun and earn points in various ways, including posting on social and putting on some fun events between August 17 and 29. The winning region receives a special flag to display for the year…and bragging rights, of course!

Don’t worry, events will include activities for those who are competitive as well as for those who just want to have fun because with all the mess this year has brought, we need to remember that fun is not cancelled! 

More coming soon…
Stay tuned to the FiA Alpha Facebook Group and FiA_Alpha Instagram feed

Change is a result of what you do now, not what you intend to do tomorrow.
– Elizabeth Benton, Chasing Cupcakes

We have a new AO (Area of Operations)!  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts are onthe green in the middle of Halcyon right off of 400!  It’s called the M.U.D. Room (Multi-Use Development) – clever, huh?!

We also have lots of new FiA gals!  WELCOME!
Chief        FastFeet        Marvel        Hops        Peanut        Signs        Pam

Let’s be virtually social!
We are retiring the FiA Alpha Slack and Twitter platforms in favor of our most popular feeds: Facebook group (FiA Alpha) & Instagram profile (FiA_Alpha) – join & follow us!

Are you a social media whiz extraordinaire? Influencer wannabe? Actual influencer? Want to try your hand at being the Social Media Q for FiA Alpha? We would love your help to connect with one another and FNGs as well as sharing our #FiAFaces with the local community & FiA Nation! Contact [email protected] to volunteer.

Spotlight on Queso, Hermione, and FiA Alpha

Crack & Hermione “hearting” Queso & Nacho / Queso and Hermione up early!

Tell us how FiA Alpha came to be (how did you find out about it, how did the two of you connect, the nitty gritty)
Hermione:  Both mine and Queso’s husbands did F3, so we were familiar with the concept, and we wanted to replicate that for ourselves and other ladies. I reached out to FiA nation to get the process started in mid 2017 then spent a lot of late nights writing emails, compiling lists, and trying to get everything set up for a launch, but I was mainly on my own – then came Queso! She was my right hand lady, my co-pilot. She was someone I knew I could count on to do whatever was needed. We made it happen in September of 2017, and then were able to grow into FiA Cherokee in 2018. The rest is FiA history!
Queso: I honestly don’t remember the whole story, but from what I remember, after my husband had been doing F3 a while and I saw how much he loved it and how awesome it seemed (FREE fitness, I mean c’mon!), he and I went to dinner with his “F3 friend” “Crack”. We went to El Felix, and there I met Brandy and her husband.  Soon after, I reached out to her asking if she knew if there was a ladies version of F3 that she knew about, or if she thought we could start one.  Coincidentally, there was already a F3 sister group (our beloved FiA) and she said she had actually just reached out to the FiA Nation people asking if we could launch in Alpharetta.  She and I gathered a list of around 40(?) ladies that would be interested in FiA and before we knew it, we were launching!  We started off at Webb Bridge Park where some FiA sisters came all the way from NC to launch us! All I remember from that day was being pumped that SO many ladies came out to care for themselves, build community, and get stronger AND already feeling tired after the “warm-up” and thinking, “what did I get myself into?!” ha!  Three years later, we’re still going strong!
What’s the story behind your FiA name?
Queso: My husband is in F3 and his F3 name is Nacho, named after Nacho Libre, because he’s a wrestling coach. My FiA sisters named me Queso, because it goes perfectly with nacho and I speak fluent Spanish.
Hermione: I have a slight obsession with a boy wizard. We are talking multiple sets of books that I’ve read over and over, and I’ve even got my kids reading them now. I’ve also seen every movie who knows how many times! And who doesn’t love a super smart female character like Hermione.
Tell us something other PAX might not know about you
Queso: I’m currently learning Arabic!
Hermione:  I grew up on a lot of land where goats and four wheelers were regular parts of daily life.  A good old southern girl at heart!
What has been the greatest FiA Alpha moment or win thus far?
Hermione:  Every single FNG is a win. To get someone to come join you at 5:30 in the morning rain or shine, hot or cold is an inspiring thing! Working out in the snow has been pretty awesome too!
Queso:  I don’t hate burpees as much as I used to! Never thought I’d say THAT out loud!
What has been the greatest challenge?
Queso:  Even after 3 years of FiA, I would say waking up at 5:00am on FiA mornings is STILL a challenge.  I am not a morning person, but I know what’s waiting for me when I get there and that it’s SO good for me, so I make it happen….even if I’m a few minutes late sometimes!
Hermione: Getting ladies to see past that 5:30am start time (and the cold)!  It really is uplifting to start your day with these ladies, and we really do warm up in the winter, I promise!
Leave us with a charge or a few words of wisdom:
Hermione:  You only regret the workouts you DON’T do, so why not make sure you get them in with your FiA friends!  And, when all else fails – throw in some burpees!
Queso:  I have two:
-Food matters! FiA will make you stronger, but if you don’t make healthy choices with what you take in, you may get frustrated with your overall fitness results. Cut the sugar and cut the carbs!
We really are #bettertogether – love you ladies!

Thank you both for all your service and ongoing support of FiA’s mission of making us stronger in every area of our lives.

Quarantine Reminders from FiA Nation

Related to workouts:

  • PAX must maintain 6 feet distance at all times between pax
  • PAX group size must be within limits set by your city/county/state
  • No physical contact during the workout
  • No shared equipment

General Health and Travel Reminders:

  • If you are sick, or have been around anyone that is sick, do not post (attend) in person
  • If you have traveled where there are restrictions, do not post in person
  • If you travel to a region where self-quarantine measures are requested by state or local governments, we ask that you follow those guidelines before posting with a local FiA region

Is some of the FiA language strange?  Pax, AO, launch, Burpee, FNG, Monkey Humpers…  Check out the FiA Lexicon to be in the know!

Hey, want some cool FiA gear? 
Check out the FiA Gear Store to order your own.  We’ll also open up our FiA Alpha gear store in the fall for regional gear.  Keep your eyes open!

If you Q, you know you need a Q shirt.  And they are on clearance!  SCORE!

Workout Schedule for FiA Alpha

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FiA’s mission is accomplished through ‘Actions’ which are focused on our:

Bodies – We organize FREE, peer-led workouts most days of the week

Minds – We get together for book clubs, career and family discussion groups, and faith interactions

Hearts – We give our time and resources to the community and invest in each other by joining together for coffee, weekday lunches, and FiA socials

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