FiA Alpha Newsletter – MARCH 2019


We have an opportunity to join a group collecting items and/or assembling 100+ Easter Baskets for children of all ages in the hospital during Easter.  These are then delivered to Children’s Healthcare – Scottish Rite Hospital.

This ministry began when a mother’s son was diagnosed with cancer at 3 years old.  His hospital stay was during the Christmas season.  They were overwhelmed with the hurting children and families, but also with the kindness from strangers.  After successful treatment, she and her son began making Easter baskets for children and nurses.  This has continued for 7 or 8 years now.  Since it is all volunteer, there are a number of needs – one church’s children’s ministry donates the stuffed bunnies, another church the chocolate bunnies, a blanket ministry provides a blanket for each basket, but there are lots of goodies and assemblers needed.

In addition to gift cards to Michael’s and Joann’s for supplies, the following are ideas of donations.  They often need help with boy and girl teenager items since so many gravitate towards young children, so many of these are gifts for older kids.

Silly putty / Playdoh
Crayons / Markers / Colored Pencils
Phone accessories: ear buds, chargers, etc.
Packs of gum
Fuzzy or fun socks
Nail polish
Small bottles of lotion
Rubick cubes, Uno cards, etc. 
Hot Wheels cars

If you are interested in donating and/or assembling (see picture of baskets above), please let me know.  Collection will be the last week of March and the assembly the first two weeks of April.

– Titanium / [email protected] 

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