04/19/2022 - the_haven - The Everything Animals Workout

AO: The Haven

When: 04/19/2022

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Signs, Graphite, Miyagi


Almost a year ago, we were asked to lead a mother and child promotional workout at Halcyon.  When I led it, I realized how many of the exercises on our Lexicon are actually named after animals.  I’ve been meaning to do an animal themed workout ever since and finally just went for it.  There were plenty of exercises to choose from and animal themed songs playing softly in the background (since we decided to utilize the cleaner sidewalks underneath the Regal Theater overhang.  And it should be noted that while we LOVED the change of scenery, a man did yell out of his window that we were too loud 🙁  Honestly the music was so soft that it must’ve been our voices.  Sad.  I guess that we won’t be heading there again any time soon.  Anyhoo, the workout was still fun and this is how it went…..


10 seal jacks (in cadence)

10 Bear squats – in bear crawl position, bend knees like a squat

Loosen up your arms like an octopus would. 

Baby Shark: Ab routine to the Baby Shark song: Hold V Sit, Scissor Legs, Large Leg Lifts, V-Ups, Bicycles, In & Outs, Flutter Kicks, Mt. Climbers, V-Sit Arm Swipe, Russian Twist Jazz Hand

Run to the Regal Theater

4 corners workout, 20 reps each exercise

Our exercises were written on a cone at each of the four corners.

(1) 20 crunchy frogs (V-sit frogs) then crabwalk to (2) 20 inch worms then bear crawl to (3) 20 Monkey Humpers then fiddler crab to (4) 20 Zebras (L/R = 1) then duck walk back to start.

(1) 20 donkey kicks(L/R = 1) then crabwalk to (2) 20 sparky crabs then bear crawl to (3) 20 seal jacks then fiddler crab to (4) 20 Froggers (L/R = 1) then duckwalk back to start.

Partner Workout

1 person Runs/Walks Other person does exercise, no need to time or count, complete 2 rounds (in second round switch so that you do the opposite exercises)

Alligator Pushups

Dead Bugs

Calf Raises

Scorpion Dry Docks


Kangaroos – 4 count High Knee, hands tapping your knees, then a full squat where you touch the ground. This is one rep. 

Dying Cockroach -Ab exercise. Lay on back, arms/hands lifted toward the sky. Legs should do same movment as a slow bicycle extending each leg all the way straight before bringing it back in to chest. 

Frog Pumps -Laying down, Place feet together and relax knees (in a diamond sit up position) then raise into glute bridge, and lower (Toledo South)

We ended by running back to our meeting point for Nameorama, Announcements and COT (“you know what the happiest animal on earth is?  It’s a goldfish.  You know why?  Got a 10 second memory.  Be a Goldfish, Sam.” – Ted Lasso)



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