FiA Alpha Newsletter – November 2018

We have plenty of opportunities to gather together for fitness and fellowship, serve the community and the group, and grow this wonderful group of women.  Check out some of them below – AOs (workouts), Bingo, FiAlanthropy, and positions for leadership.

Opportunities for Leadership

As you know, FiA is an all volunteer group but there are also some organizational aspects that need to be fulfilled.  You can help!  Below are some of the roles that you can take on or assist.  Or make up one you are interested in!  Email your interests/ideas to [email protected], or talk to Hermione or Queso.

  • Regional Leaders who help to organize, coordinate, and grow the regional workouts and meetups
  • Social Leaders who organize, coordinate, and invite FiA and others to social events, gatherings, coffeeterias, etc.
  • FiAlanthropy Leaders who coordinate service projects in the community
  • Communications Leaders who spread the word about FiA, events, happenings… through Newsletters and FiA social media
  • Broadcast Leaders who spread the word about FiA – our purpose, schedule, opportunities – and encourage new women to join and keeps existing pax from falling away

The Fairytale Dash was a success!  Check out the real life fairies in the photo above – we ran and rucked the 5k to benefit Jesse’s House.

We are planning to deliver the wishlist items to Jesse’s House hopefully on Saturday, November 10th or 17th.  Stay tuned to FiA Alpha’s Facebook and Slack pages for more info.  If you’d still like to bring needed items, check those out on the 

Jesse’s House’s wishlist.  We will also hear about opportunities for group service projects.


  • K-9 – Maura Baker
    • Jimmy Dean

FiA Lexicon

So, what are all of these strange sayings and exercise names you keep hearing?  We cover more each month…
BackBlast A writeup of what happened in a Workout. Responsibility of the Workout Q.
Cadence – (“C”)  Exercises done on command of the Q, in rhythm. Example is Q shouting “1, 2, 3, 1…1, 2, 3, 2″ as a four-count cadence
Froggers – Starting from a plank position, thrust your feet forward, landing outside of each hand. Thrust backwards to original plank position. Repeat.

Monkey Humpers– (One of our favorites!) A half-squat performed while threading arms between legs, grabbing your ankles.  This restricts movement to a half-squat type exercise but increasing the burn.

Part of the fun of FiA is that the workouts are peer-led.  We are not professionals, but enjoy challenging each other to grow in strength and endurance.  To help you Q (lead) a workout, we have several resources available:
Q Rotation Sheet – Sign up here or find the sheet on FiA Alpha’s Facebook page under Announcements
Q Sheets / Ideas – Don’t start from scratch!  You can look through other workouts our group has used.  Sign up here or find the sheet on FiA Alpha’s Facebook page under Announcements – Check out Backblasts from all over the country for ideas
Pinterest – Search for FiA Workouts, Tabata, Bulgarian Bag, or any other exercises


Get in on the fun!  Check out the November Bingo card on FiA Alpha Facebook and Slack pages.

Every time you complete one of the tasks, mark off the associated square.  When you have 5 in a row/column/diagonal, yell “BINGO!” and see Titanium for a prize! 

The first one to complete the entire Bingo card – a Blackout – will get a free FiA tshirt from FiA Gear!

Name: Sarah Tallant Chase
Age: 41
FiA Name: Extra

AO Posts:  Midway, FoxTrot, The Den
How did you get that FiA Name?   I think I got my name because I never doing anything just the minimum. I always do everything a little bit Extra. From Parties to holiday decorations. I like to go above and beyond the minimum. 

What is something your fellow FiAs don’t know about you?    I am an Emergency Room Physician Assistant and have worked  in ER for 10 years. I was an Athletic Trainer prior to becoming a PA and worked at Clemson University
What brought you to FiA, and what keeps you coming back?  I really wanted/needed to start exercising getting back into shape and healthy.  I couldn’t do it on my own. I really need that external motivation/accountability to make me keep coming back. I’m really trying to make this a life change. 

What is your favorite piece of advice or funny anecdote for life?  Life is short, you are never guaranteed tomorrow, make the most of the time you have. Enjoy it and don’t work too hard – its not worth it. Spend it doing things you love and get outside! Fresh air does the body good! 

Just in time for Christmas, our regional logo gear is available again on the FiA MudGear site!  You can get FiA Alpha wear as well as other FiA swag.  Make it quick since some of the Respect and other specialty gear is open for pre-orders for a limited time.  Great Christmas gifts!

Workout Schedule for FiA Alpha

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FiA’s mission is accomplished through ‘Actions’ which are focused on our:

Bodies – We organize FREE, peer-led workouts most days of the week

Minds – We get together for book clubs, career and family discussion groups, and faith interactions

Hearts – We give our time and resources to the community and invest in each other by joining together for coffee, weekday lunches, and FiA socials

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