FiA Alpha Newsletter – February 2019

Excerpt from F3 Alpha Newsletter’s Nantan Corner by Ha-Ha

Do you like bacon? You probably do. It is good by itself and makes other foods better by its addition. Bacon wrapped steaks, baked beans with bacon, bacon bits in salad and if you are lucky bacon slices on salad. Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. Bacon burgers. I’ve had chocolate covered bacon (don’t knock it until you try it) and of course eggs and bacon for breakfast. Bacon adds a great flavor to the foods we eat and you get excited when you hear that bacon is being added to a dish you love. Everyone loves to see bacon coming.
Do people love to see you coming? When you walk into a room do people say “Oh good! There is _____”?

Be the Bacon! Be the ingredient that adds flavor to those around you. Have the pleasant demeanor that people like to see walk in the door. If you are like me, this is easier at work or at F3 where we are “on our best behavior”. It is harder when we are at home with our Ms and 2.0s. We tend to relax our personal discipline and let our ugly selves show to those we love most.
So Be the Bacon especially at home.

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