09/21/2021 - avalanche - Working the Conveyor Belt in the Haven

AO: avalanche

When: 09/21/2021

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Scrapper (FNG), 5G, Titanium, Sunny, Boxer, Sweet Treat, Natia, Signs, Miyagi


It was a damp morning… still drizzling from last night’s rain.  Thankful for these ladies who got up any way and made the most of this parking spot, conveyor belt workout in the lower level of the parking deck.


Grass Grabbers 10 in cadence

Windmills 10 in cadence

Armageddons- Arm series. 25 Arms circles forward, 25 arm circles backward, 25 touchdown (Arms straight up and then down to chest level)25 rotate, 25 press together,. 25 overhead press. Q will make the PAX suffer by pausing between each exercise and at the end. Q calls out when to release/drop arms. Can also be done timed 30 secs each for 3 minutes.


THAT THANG: Parking Space Workout!  There were 10 parking spots in a row marked with an exercise each.  Each pax (we had 10!) was assigned to a parking spot to start.   They completed 60 seconds of the exercise that was marked in their parking spot.  Then they had 30 seconds to transition to the next parking spot (exercise station) where they began another 60 seconds of a new exercise.   All pax went down the line of all 10 exercises before taking a walk/run lap and then returning for round 2.  Here are the exercises that we completed in our line of parking spaces.

Almost two rounds – 60 seconds, 30 seconds rest



  1. Squat/ bicep/ shoulder press
  2. Curtesy lunges
  3. Boat Canoe
  4. Jack jacks
  5. Zebra 10, 10
  6. Jump shots 
  7. Plank (regular, left, right)
  8. Raggedy Ann’s
  9. Boy bands
  10. LBC’s

I shared the COT while we stretched: “Fear and growth go hand in hand”

And then we named our FNG (Scrapper) and finished out with nameorama and a picture.

Thankful that “The Haven” Avalon workout location has been so well attended and is becoming official after our 6 week trial!!



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