09/13/2023 - rosewater - Waking up with #growwithjo!

AO: Rosewater

When: 09/13/2023

QIC: Songbird


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

DIY, Tex, Trooper, Green Thumb, Rerun, Kinetic, Thriller, Songbird


There were 8 of us at Rosewater this am! We missed some of our regulars but we had old friends return and join us again so that was great!! We were under the awning because I thought the ground might be somewhat less wet and slippery from the rain under there, but good thing, because it also started showering sometime during the workout too! I shared the disclaimer, we stretched it out, and then went right into the workout by #growwithjo on YouTube, me following her, and the PAX following me. (https://youtu.be/NwMc4NnE0Lc?si=dV208tl6C1iYC0zm)

It was a full-body fat-burning workout, though we focused a lot of the time on arms, then went to core and legs. She is always upbeat, joyful, and fun in her workouts! Def was dripping with sweat by the end. The time flew by cuz we were having fun!!😄 We stretched it out while I shared my COT:

Following #growwithjo’s lead of having joy and energy, I challenged and encouraged the PAX with this question –

Day to day, are we bringing hope and peace and joy to the world around us, or hopelessness, anxiety and chaos, and complaining and discontentment to it?? So in whatever we do and say, wherever we go, let’s be spreading peace and joy! Cuz we know the world has enough of the other stuff without us adding to it!!


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