04/14/2023 - the_mud_room - Try Everything!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 04/14/2023

QIC: Buzz


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Boxer, and Titanium


Dreary rainy morning, but 4 of us made it to the Mudroom. I played some upbeat Disney music to liven the mood. Started off with Try Everything by Shakira (from Zootropolis) to set the mood and hint at the COT thought. I used the same set-up as I always do. After many times of doing this Q, I have it down to about the right amount of exercises for the time. I continue to alternate between exercises and stretches throughout the workout

Try Everything   Opening Stretches

~45 second Exercise (~ 20 reps) – 15 second Stretch Pause and Drink as needed!

Speechless   Raggedy Ann; Bend Waist Stretch; Prayer Squat; Cherry Pickers; Curls; Cross-body Arm Stretch

I’ll Make a Man   Hillbillies; Triangle stretchSuperman Banana*; Prone Spinal Twist; Imperial Walkers; Head Circles

Superman Banana* = Hold superman until Q calls Banana; roll over on back hold up arms and legs until Q calls Superman

Hakuna Matata   Windshield Wipers; Lying Stretch; Jane Fondas; Supines*; Heel Beats; Child Pose 

Shut Up and Drive   Bicycle; Reverse Rocking Chair Stretch; Boat Canoe; Trunk Twist; Unicycle*; Butterfly Stretch

Unicycle* = Legs brought to chest then extend legs up in the air, flex feet, then bring legs down without touching, repeat   

Let It Go   Windmills; Arm Circles; LBC; Bridge-up; Calf Raises; Foot Stretch

One Jump Ahead   Monkey Humpers; Mad Cat/Cow; Mountain Climbers; Shoulder Shrugs;

Life is a Highway   Pretzel Crunch; Crunch Stretch; Ankle Biter; Frog Pose Stretch; Pretzel Stick*; Turkish Get-up*;

Pretzel Stick* = Same as pretzel crunch but with straight legs; Turkish Get-up* – laying on back get up using 1 arm and legs

Go the Distance   Laps: 1 = jog; Standing Leg Stretch; 

2 = length- lunges, ends- Lt Dan’s squat/lunge

I’ve Got a Dream   Captain Thor*; Knee to Chest Stretch; Peter Parker; Leg Stretch; Reverse Crunch; Rocking Chair 

Captain Thor* = 1 Sit up + 4 Russian Twists; continue with 1:4 ratio

A Whole New World   Plank(~1min); Runner’s Lunge Stretch; Tricep Chop; Down Back Arm Stretches 

Part of Your World(played softly)    Closing Stretches


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