06/19/2023 - the_mud_room - Tour of Halcyon (but in the parking garage because of rain)

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 06/19/2023

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Boxer, Logistics (visitor from Fulshear FiA in Texas), Flip Flops, Titanium, Zookeeper, and Tex


The intention was to do a Tour of Halcyon workout, but it was raining pretty hard so we had to do a tour of the parking garage instead, but we made it work!

Here’s the original workout plan with the alterations made for the parking garage:

First the warm up.

  • Step Ups around the soccer field – did one step up on each “curb” all the way down the side of the garage
  • Balance beam the sandbox – balance beam back on the top of the curb
  • Pendulum squat at each bike – did one in each parking spot until we got to Titanium’s car, then ran around the rest of the cars and…
  • Slalom with jumping jack at the poles – did a jumping jack on each end of the parking lines down the whole row
  • Incline push up at each circle – incline push up in each parking spot along the wall
  • Up & down the stairway to heaven – up to 2nd floor – “slap the 2” (sign) and back down
  • Run back to LTH – run to end of curbs
  • Duck through the hole at each of 3 outdoor bars – did a squat/bob in each parking spot down the row
  • Sit by the car and do 5 russian twists – back to mats for russian twists
  • Turn right after Kilwins – back to line of curbs
  • Increasing height step ups on the curb – more step ups down the row
  • Do two incline push ups on the bench – at the wall, do two wall push ups in first spot
  • Pendulum squats at the bikes – next spot do a pendulum squat (each side), then 2 push ups in next spot, then pendulum squat, alternating down the row.
  • To the Stairs – to the stairs!
  • Two steps forward, one step back DOWN – did this up to the 2nd floor
  • Jumping Jack Slalom at the Cornhole boards – jumping jack at the end of each parking line zig zagging down the row
  • Boxes – one frogger on two sides – one frogger at every 3rd parking line as we make our way back down the row to the stairs.
  • Two steps forward, one step back UP down to the first floor again
  • Sit on the bike and do a couple elevated Bicycle Crunches – bicycle crunches on the mat
  • Wall by green – tricep dips on facing wall. – tricep dips on curb
  • DONE! (I took out a few items because there was no alternative in the garage.)

To finish up, we did Partner High 5s

  • Partner up, heads facing each other in a plank, arms length apart
  • Tap alternate palms to give partner a high 5

Finished up with cool down and COT and name-o-rama!


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