07/17/2019 - jimmy_dean - There & Back – 7/17/19

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 07/17/2019

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tool Time, Hermione, Queso


After being away serving in Israel/Palestine for the past 10 days….aka not working out for 10 days….. it was great to be back! I threw this w/o together at the last minute last night and actually finished it this morning, but it was a good one and did the job! By the end of the w/o we were sweaty, our waters were almost empty and there was some huffing and puffing….all signs pointing to a great beatdown.


We started on one side of the parking lot and performed the first set of 10-15 reps, ran/shuffled to the other side of the parking lot and then performed 10-15 of the reps with weights. We did each row of exercises for 5 minutes each except for our last round. We did our last round for 3 minutes each not only because we were running out of time, but, ehem,….burpees.

We got 4,000 steps in this morning (2 miles) and got some great strength training in. Hermione did ALL her push ups big girl style and Tool Time told an awesome story at the end of our workout that depicts PERFECTLY what it’s like sometimes to get up on FiA mornings…..picture this…. *phone drops from bedside stand* *roll out of bed* *crouch on the floor to get phone* *lay down on floor to sleep* *forces body up because you know what’s good for you* LOL!

We did it ladies and we are better because of it!


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