01/04/2022 - the_haven - The Hook

AO: The Haven

When: 01/04/2022

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Natya, Graphite, Titanium, Queso, Zumbo


Two years ago, yesterday, a lady in Kansas City (Jedi) tried to convince me to help her start FIA there by inviting me and a few F3 wives to a black ops Beatdown.  At the time, I was not set on FIA at all.  I didn’t want to get up early, didn’t want to workout in the cold and didn’t think that FIA workouts would match up to the challenge of my gym workouts that I was already going to.   So on 1/3/20, Jedi set out to prove to me that a FIA workout could be challenging, fun, and worth coming to.  This is the workout that we did that day and did again this morning.


15 Jumping Jacks, 15 High knees, 16 Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles

That Thang:

I thought that we needed new scenery for this so we ran to the second floor of the parking garage to complete our circuits…

Circuit 1 – 11’s

-Monkey Humpers


If you finish first, plank while you wait for the others


Circuit 2 – Dora

We partnered up and one partner completed reps of the following exercises while the other partner ran a loop. When partner B returned from the run, they picked up the count of partner A while partner A ran the loop.  Back and forth until all 3 of the following exercises/ counts were completed:

– 50 push ups

– 100 little baby crunches

– 150 squats

Plank while you wait for the other groups to finish (in retrospect, could have done a wall sit here instead)


Circuit 3 – timed AMRAP using seconds pro to time 60 seconds each of 6 different things:

-10 tricep dips/ 10 pushups alternating back and forth for a minute

– AMRAP ankle biters

– AMRAP buttkickers

– 10 tricep dips/ 10 pushups alternating back and forth for the minute

– 10 dolphins/ 10 Superman’s alternating back and forth for the minute

– AMRAP Raggedy Ann’s


COT was joint during the stretching/ cooling down.  We all went around the circle and shared a highlight from the previous 2 holiday weeks.  It was great to hear a quick summary of everyone’s time as many of us had been away.  Announcements and picture.

I appreciate the ladies getting up in the cold and joining me this morning. It was a fun throwback workout…at least for me.



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