04/03/2021 - the_coop - The Dirty Thirty

AO: the_coop

When: 04/03/2021

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Broadway, Signs, Queso, Grateful


They say if your hair still looks good after the workout, you didn’t do it right…well, I think we managed to look cute and get a good workout in on this chilly April Morning!

We started with some warm up moves – I suggested imagining your problem from the week towering over you and give it a good smack with your fist while kneeing it in the gut. . . but you may have had a calmer week than I did! After getting warmed up, we jumped right in to the Dirty Thirty – 30 exercises for 45 seconds with 15 break in between. We did:

Star Jumps

Fire Hydrants

Mountain Climbers

Push Ups

Tricep Dips

Jumping Jacks

Sit n Stands

Carolina Dry Docks

Switch Kicks

One-legged Hop L

One-legged Hop R

Squat pulses


Burpees – yes we did!

Low Plan Hold

Smurf Jacks

Tricep Push Ups

Side Plank L

Side Plank R

High Knees

Lunge Pulses L

Lunge Pulses R

Jump Squats

Boat Sit Hold

Russian Twist

Plie Squats

Bicycle Crunches

V-Ups – and half way through we switched to LBCs

Wall Sit


We still had about 7 minutes lefts so we ended with a “see you when we see you” with jump squats on one side of the circle and squat thrusts on the other.

We ended with a cool down/stretch, an Easter/Lent related COT and Name-o-rama.

It was great to start the weekend with these lovely ladies!



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