11/20/2023 - the_mud_room - Tex’s 53rd Birthday Q

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 11/20/2023

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Glock (FNG), Green Thumb, ReRun, Kenetic, Flip Flops, Titanium, Zumbo, Zookeeper, Kiwi, Challenger


We had a big party at the MUD Room to celebrate my 53rd birthday (on the 21st). Here’s what we did (with an all U2 music playlist):

warm up- squats – each person does a jumping jack and shares – What’s the best thing about being over 50 or what are you most looking forward to about turning 50?


Today’s workout was an ALARM (Arm, Leg, Ab, Run, Mamamia!)

45 seconds of work, 15 second transition


Bicep curls

Regular Squats


Butt kickers



Tricep curls

Right leg fwd lunge


High knees

Candlestick Burpees (heels to heaven before jump up)


Reverse Flys

Left Leg Fwd Lunge

BGSit ups

Run the green

Commando –  Elbow Plank -up to hands – then both shoulder taps – then down to elbos – repeat.


Overhead press

Sumo squats

Russian Twists


Squirrels – squat + curl (figure 4 or regular squat)


Upright row

Walking lunge



Katydid Burpees A Burpee mixed with an inchworm. Standing, place hands by feet and jump feet back into plank. Do a pushup (optional). Inch worm hands back to the feet, then broad jump back to starting spot.


Switch to Aretha Franklin Song – for spelling out RESPECT


R – Raggedy Ann – in a sumo position, hands laced behind the head at the ears, alternate sides reach one had down and touch the heel of the same side then repeat on the other side. Bending at the waist, keeping the back straight.

E – Elevated Squat (heel up – half right, half left)

S – Side Lunge

P – Plank

E – (figure) Eight Shuffles – like fast feet but in a figure 8

C – crockpot squat – Regular squat but lowering body slowly on the first 3 counts, lifting up on the 4th count. Weight should be in the heels.

T – Turkish Get up – Laying on back, use only one arm and your legs to “get up” to a standing positing


Cool down

COT – “the key to a happy {long} life is continuous small treats”



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