08/22/2022 - the_mud_room - Tabata Power!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 08/22/2022

QIC: Songbird


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, Coco, Titanium, Cruiser, Flip Flops, Buzz, Zookeeper, Challenger, Tex, Songbird


So I wrote this generic Tabata beatdown, to be able to regularly pull out (probably monthly at the MUDRoom) – it has a good mix of exercises, switching back and forth between weight training and cardio, working out the full body’s muscle groups👍🏼

Everyone stretched out while I shared the intro and described the beatdown.

We then did some warmups together, in cadence:

10 windmills

10 toy soldiers

10 cherry pickers

10 jumping jacks

The Thang:

32 exercises – 45sec on, 15sec off:

Weights – bicep curls

Legs/Cardio – pendulum squats

Weights – tricep curls

Legs/Cardio – jump ropes

Weights – upright rows

Legs/Cardio – right forward/back lunges

Weights – bent over rows

Legs/Cardio – left forward/back lunges

Weights – overhead press

Legs/Cardio – mountain climbers

Weights – flys (on back)

Legs/Cardio – upright knee hugs

Weights –  cowbells

Legs/Cardio – runner’s squats (switched legs halfway)

Weights – reverse flys

Legs/Cardio – cross-jacks

**Ran around the green**

Weights – hammer curls

Legs/Cardio – sumo or narrow squats

Weights – tricep kickbacks

Legs/Cardio – sideways jumps

Weights – front arm raises

Legs/Cardio – right side lunges

Weights – lateral arm raises

Legs/Cardio – left side lunges

Weights – dead lifts

Legs/Cardio – mat taps

Weights – standing chest flys

Legs/Cardio – calf raises

Weights – bench press (on back)

Legs/Cardio – pistol squats (switched legs halfway)

Weights – wood chops (switched directions halfway)

Legs/Cardio – Smurf jacks (squat jacks)


Each PAX chose an ab exercise and # of reps

We stretched and did Cool-down individually as I shared my COT:

A word of wisdom my husband received from a seasoned coach who mentored him to be a basketball coach at our school…. Be an ACE! 3 things athletes (but really anyone!) actually has CONTROL over in all situations – their OWN:

A – Attitude

C – Character

E – Effort

So we can always try to focus on having the best attitude, character, and effort we can have, ourselves!


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