05/25/2022 - amazon - Strong and Active Partner-ish Workout

AO: Amazon

When: 05/25/2022

QIC: Hammer


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Hammer, Ghost Rider, Rapid, Taquito, Homegrown, Ledecky



Windmills 10 IC

Jumping jacks 10 IC

Grass pickers 10 IC

Arm circles (forward and backward)


That Thang:

This was a 15 round, group HIIT workout using weights, strength holds, then using just body weight in the form of pushups and then cardio. We divided into Group 1 and Group 2. While group 1 did the active version of an exercise (i.e., 10 jump squats), group 2 did the strength version (i.e., squat hold). Then we switched and group 2 did the active version of that exercise while group 1 did the strength version. After that was completed, we had our pushup round (by the end of the workout, it was a total of 120 pushups), followed by a cardio round. For the cardio round, we did the exercise to the end of the parking lot, then jogged back


1 10 Jump Squats HOLD wide squat     15 push ups Run
2 10 Tricep Extensions HOLD at 90°     14 push ups Skip
3 20 Mountain climbers HOLD plank     13 push ups High knees
4 10 (each side) Reverse Lunges HOLD narrow squat     12 push ups Butt kickers
5 10 Front Raises HOLD front raise     11 push ups Side shuffle right
6 10 Full sit ups HOLD V-up     10 push ups Side shuffle left
7 10 Sumo squats HOLD Sumo squat     9 push ups Run backwards
8 10 Hammer Curls HOLD in half curl     8 push ups Run
9 15 glute bridges HOLD glute press     7 push ups Skip
10 10 burpees HOLD side plank (switch ½)     6 push ups High knees
11 10 lateral raises HOLD lateral raise     5 push ups Butt kickers
12 10 Rows (right side) HOLD right row     4 push ups Side shuffle right
13 10 Rows (left side) HOLD left row     3 push ups Side shuffle left
14 20 Calf raises HOLD calf raise     2 push ups Run backwards
15 10 Leg raises HOLD leg raise     1 push up PAX Choice

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