10/09/2020 - the_mud_room - Stepping It Up!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 10/09/2020

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Titanium, Flip Flops, Buzz, Queso


I love FiA Fridays! There’s nothing like reaching the end of the week, knowing the weekend has arrived, and getting to do something to relieve stress, build community, and invest in my health and body!

4 PAX met up with their FiA sisters to finish our week off right. We got some steps in today!

The Thang:

We did 3 rounds of 4 corners with a round of round robin abs and some stair climbing between each round. We started with our mats in the far end of the parking lot this morning and named that “corner 1” and had our weights at the next short corner and that was “corner 2”.

We warmed up a bit with some stretches then got to it by knocking out 10 push-ups.  September might be over, but I challenged the PAX to do BGPs! After the pushups, we lunged to the next corner, with Titanium getting in a bunch extra lol. After knocking out 20 curl presses at corner#2, we ran/walked to corner #3. Good thing Titanium usually walks or I would have fierce competition. She ran that first straightaway and passed me saying, “let’s go Queso!” 😲 I hope to be as strong and fierce as her when I get to earn “respect” one day! Corner #3 included 30 monkey humpers……ouch! To keep me going through those, I just picture the fat melting away as I feel the back leg burn while I do these! LOL Flip Flops didn’t seem to have any problem #doublerespect! We lunged to our final corner and did 40 calf raises off the curb. Buzz showed us up and didn’t even need a pole or tree to help with her balance. One final run back to start, then we started round robin abs. The first PAX chose an ab exercise that the rest of the PAX would do while they ran up and down the stairs. We all were very kind to each other and picked the worst ab exercise we could think of while we ran the stairs 😂

Here’s what it looked like – did different exercises for Round 2 to change it up:

Round 1 & 3 Round 2

Corner 1 (mat)

10 push ups

10 burpees

Walking lunges to next corner

Corner 2 (weights)

20 curl press

20 tricep ext

Run to next corner

Corner 3

30 monkey humpers

30 imperial walkers

Walking lunges to next corner

Corner 4

40 calf raises

40 jumping jacks

Run to next corner

Round robin abs while each PAX does stairs

Nice work ladies!

COT – committing to praying for 3 people daily this month – one being Katie, Flip Flops niece.


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