03/17/2023 - the_mud_room - St. Patty’s Day Beatdown!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 03/17/2023

QIC: Songbird


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Buzz, Tex, Songbird


It had already started raining for the day, so we went with the parking deck instead of the green, at the MUDRoom this morning. 2 other PAX and I came *somewhat* dressed in green and right away blasted the funky cool music of the popular electric violinist Lindsey Stirling! (I found traditional Irish fiddle music somewhat annoying real fast, so I went with a more hip option!)

Leprechaun Warmups:

We did some stretching together to ready our muscles, then –

Leprechaun prances across the garage:



Walk with heel tap hops!


Worked every body part in 4-part rounds involving HIIT, weight training, and mat exercises. Each exercise 30sec on, 10 sec off.

Optional adjustments:

One-up – Add jump or weights, etc

Ease-up – No jump, on knees etc

Cardio – Heart/lungs:

Jumping jacks


Star jumps

Tuck jumps

Mountain climbers

Boy bands

Side hops



Forward lunges

Backward lunges

Side lunges


Football quick-feet shuffle

Pendulum squats

Side kicks

Calf raises

Squats  (add jump/weights)

Sumo squats  (add jump/weights)

Single-leg runner’s squats  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Single-leg squats with one leg out (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

(On all fours -)
Leg back/leg to the side  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Fire hydrants  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Leg kick-backs   (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)ppp

Leg rainbows  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

(On side -)

Jane Fondas  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Leg circles  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Bent leg raises  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

High kick/low kick  (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)


(With weights -)
Bicep curls

Shoulder press

Bench press on back

Flys on back

Tricep curls over the head

Tricep extensions (switch after 15sec)

Jelly shooters (lifting weights to the front and to the side)

Chicken wings (raising elbows while holding weights)



Bird-dog crunches

Straight-leg glute pumps (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)

Bent-leg glute pumps (SWITCH LEGS at 15sec)


Hand-release push-ups

Glute bridges

Standing deadlifts

Standing Reverse flys


Bicycle crunches

Butterfly kicks


Russian twists (add weight)


2 Plank jacks/2 Shoulder taps

Elbow-to-knee planks

Buzz saws


For our Cooldown, we stretched it out while I shared –

The COT:

TWO THINGS we can try to do daily:

  1. Think of 3 things we’re grateful for (maybe even write them down in a gratefulness journal)
  2. Encourage at least ONE person with words in person, in a note, a text, or email

OUR attitudes will change for the better because of it, and we’ll affect someone else for the better too! And as a result we’ll surely feel “lucky,” or what I like to call BLESSED, as a result!


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