10/02/2020 - the_mud_room - Song Based Bootcamp Challenge

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 10/02/2020

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Buzz, Signs, Flip Flops, Titanium, Sonic Boom, Fast Feet, Queso


This was a fun one! I searched for a whole bunch of song based exercise challenges and combined those with a set of 38 reps of something, since it was my 38 birthday yesterday!

Here’s what went down:

Song Time Constant exercise  Word Exercise
38 Russian Twists
Roxanne – The Police 3:15 Bird dog Roxanne Push up
Put on the Red Light Plank jack
38 Curls
“Flower”/Bring Sally Up – Moby 3:30 Plank Sally Up/Sally Down Up/Down planks
38 monkey humpers
Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr 4:01 Lunges Ghostbusters Burpee
38 situps
Thunderstruck – AC/DC 4:54 Wall sit Thunder Squat jump
Thunderstruck Short Sprint
38 tricep ext
America – Neil Diamond 4:18 Supermans America In/out
Today Star jumps
38 calf raises
I love the way you lie – Eminem/Rhianna 4:26 Scissor kicks w/Rhianna x Bicycles w/Eminem 
38 LBC
Cha Cha Slide 2:34 Plank Clap your hands = Shoulder taps

Left/Right = walking plank in that direction

Take it back = walk back plank

Hop = frogger

Stomp = stomp right/left

Cha Cha = mt climbers

Criss cross = criss cross legs

38 rows
Cupid shuffle 3:34 Music interlude = imperial walkers

Down down do that dance = squats

Singing part – imperial walkers

Right = side lunge right

Left = side lunge left

Kick = alt kicks

Walk it – high knees

38 donkey kicks (19 each leg)

This BB is already from a week ago, so my memory is failing me as to who did what. I do remember though, that Fast Feet was going to teach her kids the Cupid Shuffle, Buzz, Flip Flops and Titanium didn’t particularly like Roxanne, or Sally. Signs did an awesome job with her wall sits in Thunderstruck! It was hard to hear the music from where she was so she ended up doing a couple extra seconds of wall sits each time. Way to stick with it! Sonic Boom killed Ghostbusters! Lunges & burpees are her specialty! Everyone else, great job! It was something different & made us have some fun while getting our workout in!

COT – who knows….I don’t remember what I did yesterday, let along last week! lol


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