09/15/2021 - rosewater - Rosewater 9-15-21

AO: Rosewater

When: 09/15/2021

QIC: Swan Lake


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Songbird, Dramamama, Tex, Legally Blond, Roadrunner, DIY, Swan Lake


Disclosures and warm up


Diamond (Square) of 7s


7 Commando Plank up down then both shoulder taps – repeat. (Toledo South)

14 Glute Bridges lying on back knees bent push bottom towards sky

21 DollyAb exercise lying on back, legs raised 6 inches from the ground. Keeping legs parallel to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.

21 Bicycle Starting on back with legs bent at 45 degrees, hands behind head, alternate touching right elbow to left knee, then opposite. Simulate a bicycle movement. Can be counted in cadence.

14 Box Cutters Lay on back, legs lifted 1-2 feet off the ground. Move feet out, down, in, up like you are tracing the outside and center of a box.

7 America Pie Sit up A big girl sit up with a sitting forward fold to toe touch. Legs are flat on the ground – straight.

Left Foot Right Foot inside Left Foot Right Foot outside towards the left on the agility ladder


7 Pendulum Squat, right lateral leg raise, squat, left lateral leg raise. (That is one rep) Making sure foot is flexed on lateral leg lift.

14 squats feet hip width apart, weight in heels, try not to let knees go over the toes

21 Speed Skaters Side to side lunge movement while reaching hand across the body to the opposite foot.

21 Jump shots Standing position, squat down and pick up your imaginary basketball and shoot a jump shot with right hand, then repeat again this time shooting with left hand

14 Figure 4 Squat Cross one leg over other to make a 4, and squat.

7 Imperial Squat Walker A four count exercise. 1 squat, 2 leg up opposite knee to elbow, 3 squat, 4 other leg up opposite knee to elbow

Right Foot hop across agility ladder


7 Tricep dip Done best on an elevated surface (bench, curb, step) crab walk position with hand on elevated surface, lower the body using just arms dipping down below the elevated object.

14 Front Raises holding weight lift either one arm at a time or both arms at the same time from beside hips to in front 90 degrees

21 overhead press holding weights at shoulders press up to sky and return to shoulders

21 Alligator Push up Push up with one arm positioned slightly forward of the other arm, while the other arm is in the normal push-up position.  Alternate hands after each push-up. Can be done as a traveling exercise. One extra on weak arm

14 Side Raises Holding weight lift either one arm at a time or both arms at the same time from beside hips to side 90 degrees

7 Scorpion Dry Dock Carolina dry dock, like a downward dog pushup, with one leg hoisted in the air higher than your bottom. One extra for weak side

Left Foot hop across agility ladderCARDIO

7 Drops Standing position 1. Right hand to left high knee 2. Left hand to right high knee 3. Bring left foot up slap with right hand. 4. Bring right foot up slap with left hand 5. Squat  (That is one rep) Knee, Knee, foot, foot, squat. These can be done as a quick routine or slowly “walking it out”

14 Crab Cake Face up in a crab walk position. Bring your right foot and left arm up to tap together, then return to ground. Bring your left foot and right arm up to tap together, then return to ground.

21 Froggers Plank position, jump feet to outside of hands, then thrust back to plank position. Up and back is 1 rep.

21 Superman Lay on belly, raise arms up over your head, lift at the same time slightly lift arms and feet off the ground at the same time. Then back down. Repeat.

14 Mat taps Standing position, side shuffle to the right 2 times (length of a yoga mat), reach down with right hand and tap the ground, then side shuffle back to the left the length of your “mat” and tap the ground with your left hand. Tapping on right then left is 1 rep.

7 Happy Jacks Jumping jacks in cadence, after 5 jumping jacks do 2 jump squats

Bunny Hop across the agility ladder

Cool down




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