09/19/2020 - the_coop - Rock Around the Clock

AO: the_coop

When: 09/19/2020

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Signs, Titanium, Tex, Queso


This was a repeat from about a year ago, but tweaked…..so basically new….who remembers anyway?! Oh…Titanium did! lol 🙂

Warm up: we walked around clock, stopping at each cone to stretch and to learn the exercise.

The Thang:

We performed the # of reps in each song for duration of song as we made our way around the “clock” (12 cones set up like a clock). As we made our way around the clock, we stopped at each numbered cone and knocked out the exercise listed. When each song was over, “Rock Around the Clock” came on which cued us to get to the middle to do some ab work. 

Take a look at all the fun songs we used & which exercise was at each cone:

ConeSongTimeExercise at each cone
1Another One bites the dust3:34Burpees
Rock Around the Clock2:085 Bourbons (sit up w/ leg lift twist)

10 LBC

2Two Tickets to Paradise3:53Squat Jump w/narrow squat
Rock Around the Clock2:08Reverse crunch, leg drop

 5 scissor kicks

3Three Little Birds3:00Squat Curl Press Tricep
Rock Around the Clock2:085 gas pumpers

10 bicycles

4Four-ever Young4:00Pendulum Squats
Rock Around the Clock2:085 macarena plank

10 bird dog

5Mambo #53:40 Around the World Lunges
Rock Around the Clock2:085 donkey kicks L/R

10 plank shoulder taps

6Sixteen Candles2:45Mountain Climbers
Rock Around the Clock2:085 Parker Peter

10 Plank Jacks

775:10Jumping jacks
Rock Around the Clock2:085 Side dips L/R

10 LBC

8Eight Days a Week2:48Speed Skaters
Rock Around the Clock2:085 up/down plank

10 Imperial Walkers

99 to 53:00Monkey Humpers
Rock Around the Clock 2:08 5 box cutters

10 flutter kicks

10Ten Thousand Words5:36Drops (opposite knee, knee, foot, foot, squat)
Rock Around the Clock2:085 boat canoe

10 ankle biters

11Shift work4:30Single Leg Calf raises
Rock Around the Clock2:085 Helicopter

10 Raised leg toe touches

121,2 Step3:18High Knees

Signs kept us entertained the whole time (aka distracted from the burn!) with great conversation. Although we just had 4 PAX this morning, sometimes it’s nice because we get to chat and get to know each other more.

Great workout & a great start to the weekend!


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