07/13/2022 - amazon - Rapid’s B-Day Q

AO: Amazon

When: 07/13/2022

QIC: Rapid


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, Rapid, Ghostrider


Warm Up:

Jog down to the field, run across and back.

That Thang:
We did a birthday board of pain! It was a white board full of 17 exercises since my birthday is on July 17. There was a varied number of tallies next to the exercise based on difficulty. The instructions were to pick an exercise, do 32 of them (for my 32 years of life) and then go erase a tally from the board. The goal was to erase all tallies from the board. Our group was a little smaller than expected so we didn’t have time to erase every tally but we made a good dent in them!


Monkey Humpers
Bonnies Blairs
Step Ups

Run (100 yards)
Burpees (x10)
Side shuffles (100 yards)
Jumping jacks

Carolina Drydocks
High Plank Shoulder Raise
Push ups

Russian Twist
Big Girl Sit Ups

Bear Crawls (50 yards)

We had fun “choosing our own workout adventure”!


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