09/13/2021 - the_mud_room - Q-School

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 09/13/2021

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 17

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Graphite, Tex, Bollywood, Miyagi, Broadway, Flip Flops, Coco, Nemo, Signs, Butterfly, Natya, Uhaul, Confetti, Titanium, Sweet Treat, Queso


It was great to be back and see my FiA friends after a week away! And how fun to come back and get to do a Q-School! Can’t wait to see all our new Q’s that come from this!

We started right on time at 5:30, cuz that’s how we do & announced the Disclaimer

  • Welcome
  • FiA Name
  • Not a professional, exercise at your own risk
  • Modify as needed
  • COVID protocol: not advised to share equipment & social distance as much as possible

Then we jumped into the Warm-Up: (while explaining idea of Q-school)

  • Q-school workout = learn the main components of a Q
  • Each of the Q-school lessons will involve your active learning
  • Cadence
    • Cherry pickers
    • Grass grabbers
    • Jumping jacks

Then, we split into 4 teams to get ready for The Thang. We brought our weights and mats to the far side of the green and started in with the  1st activity of the morning: “Order the Order”

Order the Order was a Team relay and the purpose was to identify the main components of a Q & put them in correct order.

The teams were on one side of the green and the slips of paper are on another. While 1 FiA from the team ran to get a paper & brought it back to the team, while the rest of team did an exercise until the FiA came back. Once all papers were collected, the team put the papers in order as to the normal order of a FiA workout:

  • Sign up to Q
  • Pre-blast
  • Disclaimer
  • Warmup
  • The Thang
  • Cool down
  • COT
  • Announcements 
  • Name-a-rama 
  • Take picture 
  • Backblast

First one done and correct got to avoid 5 burpees and planked for the PAX.

On to the 2nd Activity – “Pick Your Poison”

Some papers were facing down and listed the most common types of Q’s. As I turned them over, I explained what that type of workout entailed. While I explained, PAX never stopped moving! They did: curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, squat press, lunges, and LBCs. After explaining the following types of workouts, we did a 4 corners ladder and a song workout:

  • 4 corners (5 push-ups, 10 squat jumps, 15 monkey humpers, 20 jumping Jacks)
  • Tabata, HIIT, AMRAP
  • Google/Pinterest search
  • FiA lexicon / Blackblasts
  • Make it up!
  • Ladder
  • Song workout (Sally!)


Last activity of the day: Activity 3 – FIB

There are some common rules we use in FiA. So the object of this activity was to learn the most basic rules of FiA. On the count of 3, each team flipped their page over, read the clue and filled in the blank with the correct words that completed the statement. Before moving on to the next clue, they had to do the # of burpees for corresponding # of the question. Here were the fill in the blanks:

1- we start & end o_   t_ _ _ (on time)

2- no FiA l_ _ _ b_ _ _ _ _ (left behind)

3- we like to count in c_ _ _ _ _ _ (cadence)

4- never stop m_ _ _ _ _  (moving)

5- you against y_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (yourself)

The 1st winners got to plank for the PAX, while the rest of the winners did 3 manmakers.

Cool down

  • If you have FNGs, you’re going to want to end early in order to explain the last few elements of the workout & to name your FNGs & still finish on time


  • “Circle of trust”
  • Can be anything you want it to be: a quote, a verse, a motivational story, a reflection…the Q decides

Our COT for the day was “we need YOU, so sign up to Q!” We can’t do this without everyone’s participation…both posting at a workout and volunteering to Q #bettertogether

Announcements – Graphite has her VQ tomorrow!


  • Name, age, FiA name – always explain this if you have FNGs
  • 50’s = respect; 60’s = double respect; 70’s = triple respect

No FNGs today, but we had 17 PAX! Go FiA Alpha!

Picture – check out our awesome pics on our Instagram (thanks, Broadway!) @FiA_Alpha

Backblast – here she is….all in her glory! 🙂

Nice work today ladies!


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