01/05/2024 - the_mud_room - Q School Workout

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 01/05/2024

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, 4K, Titanium, Kiwi, Tex


During this work out we shared “how the sausage is made” or “behind the scenes of a FiA workout”. We explained everything we do and why and gave plenty of examples of warm ups, workouts, and tips and tricks for Qing.


Warm Up:

Windmills, jumping jacks, cherry pickers – all in cadence

The Thang:

We started with a Tabata style workout – 20 seconds exercise; 10 seconds rest in between each

Round 1




fold the taco

Round 2

squat with hammer press

high knees



Next we demonstrated a 4 corners workout:

Round 1:

Corner 1 – jumping jacks

travel to next corner – duck walk

Corner 2 – Imperial walkers

travel – butt kickers

Corner 3 – curtsy lunges

travel – high knees

Corner 4 – Jump Squats

travel – grapevine

Round 2:

Corner 1 – monkey humpers

travel to next corner – duck walk

Corner 2 – Inchworms

travel – butt kickers

Corner 3 – brooke burks

travel – high knees

Corner 4 – BGS

travel – grapevine

Next we demonstrated a Dora workout:

while one PAX ran to stairs and back (and later we changed it to just around the green), the other PAX did these exercises:

side lunges

glut bridge

sumo squat

calf raise

holding plank

push ups

mountain climbers

tricep dips

bicycle crunches

Then we did a cool down & stretch section and shared several quotes about empowering women as the COT.



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