09/14/2020 - the_mud_room - Pump It Up!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 09/14/2020

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Zumbo, Chief, Buzz, Sonic Boom, Titanium


The alarm bells were ringing for us when we arrived at the M.U.D. Room – literally!  Halcyon was doing some testing, but we got to work with our own tunes (90s Alt).  This was a full body weight workout sponsored by Pinterest!

As we were getting set up, I overheard that Buzz’s Dr. Who’s Sarah Jane costume fits better now than when she bought it thanks to working out FiA style.  Way to go!

First of all, we had to get the BG push ups for our September challenge out of the way – it was the starting day, so we pumped out 10, went on a short run, and got to work.  (I tried unsuccessfully to stay out of the way of running Zumbo!  Run, baby, run!)  There were 10 exercises with 12 reps each and all but one were combos.  We’ve come to pump you up!

Ran a lap – 12 reps – ran a lap – 10 reps – Round Robin Abs

The Thang:

1. Skull Crusher with Leg Raise – required a bit of coordination

2. Squat with Shoulder Press – old faithful

3. Push Up with Single-Arm Row – like a Renegade Row with a push up thrown in!

4. Side Lunge into Reverse Lunge

5. Bent Over Fly into Narrow Squat – Chief had the fly going on!  She looked like she had bat wings – you go, girl!

6. Side Plank Crunch – while I was toppling over trying to keep my weight in the air and then down into a side crunch, Sonic Boom was rock steady.  #Goals!

7. Sit Up with Around the World

8. Goblet Squats to Curtsy Lunge

9. Chest Press then Out to Start Position

10. Tricep Kickbacks

Ended with going around the circle as each pax called out an ab exercise and rep count.  Finished pretty!


In the book, Younger Next Year, the authors explain that our body down to the cellular level is either growing or decaying and after you hit 50, that decay progression speeds up.  3 things are needed to stop the decay and continue the growth – Exercise, Nutrition, and Commitment.  They say you should exercise 6 days/week with 3 of them including weights – exercise is THE great key to aging.  (Hooray for FiA helping us meet our goals!)

As adults, we learn to go to work.  5 days a week.  Non-negotiable.  It becomes a habit we don’t have to think about when we get up in the morning – we get up because we “have” to.  Now use that same “have to” to establish a commitment to exercise.

FiA Alpha already offers 4 days!  Just 2 more days of some strenuous activity and we’re on the road to growing!  You can do it!


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