12/18/2021 - the_coop - Post Eye Surgery Low & Slow Workout

AO: the_coop

When: 12/18/2021

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Titanium


After a quick warm up (it was pretty warm) and catch up, we started the simple, low impact workout.

I had eye surgery the prior Tuesday and needed to avoid bending and lifting. No problem!

We did each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between. We did the low impact (no bouncing) version of everything. I did without weights; Titanium used weights. Are we both sore the next day? I would venture to say YES, yes we are!

  1. High Knees
  2. Low Impact Jacks
  3. LBC
  4. Knee repeater – right
  5. Knee repeater – left
  6. Plank
  7. Bicep curls
  8. Triceps
  9. Russian Twist
  10. Squats
  11. Lunges – right
  12. Lunges – left
  13. Bicycle crunch
  14. Side arm raise
  15. Front arm raise
  16. Shoulder press
  17. Boat-Canoe
  18. Fire hydrant – right
  19. Fire hydrant – left

This Q is a “rerun” and originally burpees were last on the list. We skipped those for this super low impact workout ad instead repeated the first 10 exercises on the list to give us a full workout.

The COT was taken from podcaster Emily P. Freeman and is posted in the “additional picture” section. Enjoy and I hope you at least finish the year “regular”!


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