02/26/2021 - the_mud_room - Pearls on a String

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 02/26/2021

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Flip Flops, Buzz, Signs, Titanium


Well, the rain must have scared some of you away, but the stalwart ones showed up!  We used the entire parking garage as we did a Pearls-on-a-String beatdown.  Do an exercise, move to another area for the next, rinse and repeat as we moved around each floor and up every level (except the rainy top).

Did this with our weights and when going up to the next level, we “Cusacked” – hold weights above your head like John did with his boombox!  We decided our “boomboxes” were a little heavy by floor 4!

Warmed up at our mats and then left them.  Ran up the stairs with our weights to the next floor and circled up on one side, did the exercise for the number of reps, moved to the end of the ramp for next, other side for third, and ended up at (mostly) the end of the up ramp for the fourth.  Then Cusack up the ramp to repeat for the next set of exercises.

The Thang:

20 Wide Squat Side Crunch
Core Twist Weight Front
Reverse Chop
Overhead Circle
30 Incline Merkins
Renegade Rows
Wonder Bra
40 Squats
Side Lunges
Calf Raises
Donkey Kicks
50 Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Plank Jacks
Single Leg Sprint


Quote from John Maxwell: “You’re only as good as the people you have around you”.  And we have remarkable people around us!  My FiA (and F3) families make me a better person.  I appreciate Sonic Boom’s gracious way in leading our group, Sushimi’s participation, Miyagi’s understanding, and Zumbo’s husband (Zohan) who was picking up Sushimi to take him to his first F3 this morning!  People just don’t get better than that!  Thank you all for being part of the tribe that makes me better!


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