10/16/2019 - jimmy_dean - Open Up the Heavens

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 10/16/2019

QIC: Sonic Boom


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Sonic Boom, Titanium


Titanium was the only brave soul to join me on this rainy morning. We prayed for those who couldn’t be with us. 🙂

A quick warm-up followed by 2 rounds of high intensity intervals:

Section 1 – 2x through – 55 seconds each:

Sumo squat + upright row

Plank + tricep kickback

Alternating weighted dead bug & chest fly

Curtsy lunge + L-fly

Calf raise + hammer curl

Seated press


Triceps dips


Russian twists

45 seconds of cardio in between each round

Section 2 – 2x through – 45 second holds:

Wall sit

High plank

Static lunge (R)

Lateral raise (buckets)

Static lunge (L)

Glute bridge

Low plank


Monkey humpers

45 seconds of cardio between rounds

CoT: After Monday’s workout, I got a package in the mail from one of my college roommates, and the outside of the box had a pretty label that read, “Will you be my matron of honor?” I was so humbled and excited, I cried. Although that is quite different from having to go and ask the king to save my people from annihilation like Esther did, I thought of Esther 4:14 because I sometimes feel restless in this phase of life, but I am grateful that I have relatively low stress so that I can be there for my bride-to-be friend. Praying that God helps us all to recognize that He has allowed us to attain royalty for “such a time as” <insert current circumstances here>.


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