07/07/2021 - the_mud_room - Olympic Prep 4 Corners Beatdown

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 07/07/2021

QIC: Swan Lake and U-Haul


Number of Pax: 16

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Tex, Spicey (FNG), Flip Flops, Picassa, Titanium, Road Runner, Honey Bear, Queso, Buzz, Zumbo, Chameleon, Miyagi, Broadway, Signs,


Huge shoutout to Swan Lake who got her feet wet (both figuratively and literally since it was spitting a misty rain this morning :)), as a co-Q this morning.  Swan Lake led the warm up and cool down and U-Haul led that Thang.  This is how it went…


Cross body arm stretch (L/R), Micheal Phelps, Triangle stretch, Quad stretch, Cradle stretch, Runners stretch (calf, hamstring)

That thang:  Since the Olympics are 1 ½ weeks away, we dedicated this part of the workout toward Lexicon crunch time.   No pun intended. All of the pax counted off 1-4 to make 4 groups of ladies.  All of the 1’s started at cone 1 together (and completed 20 reps of each exercise) then bear crawled to cone 2 where they completed 20 reps of each exercise.  They then Crab walked to cone 3 where they completed the reps and then bear crawled to cone 4 where they did the same.  Crab walk back to start and complete the cycle. As a side note, after about 2 cones, we realized that 15 reps of each exercise was plenty sufficient so we transitioned to 15 reps for the rest of the workout.  Our four corners were as follows:

Corner 1 – 

Ankle Biters (L/R = 1)

Dead bugs: Hold dumbbell. LBC while holding its ends above your head, crunching your elbows to your need while holding the weight. 

Happy jacks – 5 jumping jacks then 2 jump squats 

Buzz saws – plank position on elbows, rock forward and back like a saw 


Corner 2 – 

Boy Bands – standing position.  Jump and cross cross your legs both ways and drop into a squat and touch the ground 


Frog Pumps – lay down, place feet together, relax knees into a diamond sit-up, then raise into glute bridge and lower

Thread the needle – side plank, raise upper arm to sky. Swoop arm down to thread it through the space between your body and ground.  10 each side


Corner 3- 

Alligator push-ups– push up with one arm positioned slightly forward while the other arm is in push up position. Alternate hands between each push-up. Each push up equals 1. 

Rosalitas – ab exercise, lay on back, legs raised to 90 degrees, keep legs perpendicular to the ground, separate legs out, then return to center. Heels should be flexed

Tricep dips

Narwhals– a one legged glute bridge (one leg in the air like a narwhal horn). 10 each side 


Corner 4-

Zebras– downward dog position, kick one leg into the air alternating sides (L/R =1)

American pie sit-ups – flat leg

Rocket squats – 3 count down into deep squats, on 4th count shoot up like a rocket 

Hillbillies – L/R =1


Cool down – Swan Lake 

Big arm circles, Runner’s stretch (calf/hamstring), Quad stretch, Cherry Pickers, Grass Grabbers, Hand stretches (extension, flexion), child’s pose, Lindsay Lohan’s 🙂


Swan Lake closed us out with a COT and Nameorama (complete with naming of our FNG).  Then coffia laughs for all who could stick around.  Ask Broadway, Miyagi and Zumbo about our wall sit and plank hold coffia demonstrations!  Great morning cramming for our Olympic events to start soon.



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