06/14/2021 - the_mud_room - Olympic Lexirade Take !

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 06/14/2021

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 17

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Road Runner, Swan Lake (FNG), Belle, Broadway, Miyagi, Buzz, Skillet, Honey Bear, Chief, Chameleon, Breezey, Sonic Boom, Zumbo, K Pub, Picante, Phoenix, Queso


Hooray for FIA Alpha!  We were one of 18 regions in the whole nation, who was selected to submit a video modeling one of the 18 Olympic events that will be carried out during FIA Nation’s National Olympics on July 17-24, 2021.  Stay tuned and watch FIA Nation’s instagram feed.  Our video is due to be released on Friday, July 8th!  All of that having  been said, the pax were true troopers today. Several have only been coming to FIA for less than a month and are just starting to learn the names of our FIA exercises.  Ladies, thanks for playing along with our practice FIA Lexirades.  I enjoyed watching your work as teams to get each other to guess the assigned exercises!  


3 sets of Happy Jacks – Jumping jacks in cadence, after 5 jumping jacks do 2 jump squats

10 Grass Grabbers

10 Boy Bands – Standing position, jump and cross cross your legs left over right, then right over left, then drop down into a squat and touch the ground

Michael Phelps


The workout:

Lexirades – count off 1-4 or 1-3 depending on number of people

  • divide everyone into 4 teams
  • Place 4 cups in the middle of the square
  • 20 exercises (and descriptions) in the bowl
  • Rotate turns: each person from each team will run to their team cup, pick one piece of paper, and run back to their team
  • When they return to their team, they must begin doing what is on the piece of paper.  When someone on the team calls out the correct name of the exercise, the whole team must do 20 reps of the exercise
  • If the runner does not know the exercise and has to ask for help, the team must add 10 more reps to the exercise.
  • Before the next person runs to the bowl, full team must do 8 jumping jacks.
  • Whole team holds squat while runner is grabbing the next exercise
  • After completing your last exercise, the whole team must end with 8 jacks and then run to the middle where bowls are.  Winner!

When we do this with the Olympics, FIA Nation will assign the 20 exercises to all regions.  Recommendation: start studying the Lexicon!



Include reverse plank and Lindsay Lohan’s


Nameorama, COT – Love isn’t a state of perfect caring.  It is an active noun like struggle.  To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now. – Mr. Rogers


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