03/06/2020 - midway - Muse Beatdown

AO: midway

When: 03/06/2020

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Flip Flops, Titanium


Another borrow (with edits) from my M… Even used his playlist from a Muse concert our family went to last year. For the duration of a song, one pax counted the exercise while the other pax did the alternate exercise. Then we switched the counter and exercises. Rinse and repeat for the song time. Some sets were definitely better than others! (Burpees and Jumping Jacks not my favorite…) Flip Flops crushed it!

The Thang:

Propaganda 03:00 Warm Up

Supermassive Black Hole 03:32 5 Burpees Jumping Jacks

Dead Inside 04:22 20 Press Plank Jacks

Pressure 03:55 20 Sumo Squats Skull Crushers

Madness 04:41 20 L/R Lunges Hammer Curls

Uprising 05:04 20 Lying Flys Sit Ups

Plug In Baby 03:38 20 Glute Bridges Skull Crushers

Dig Down 03:38 20 Curls Rows

Knights of Cydonia 06:07 20 Merkins Mountain Climbers

Psycho 05:16 Abs


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