05/24/2021 - the_mud_room - May 2-4: Sci-Fi Guessing Game

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 05/24/2021

QIC: Buzz


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Broadway, Titanium, Uhaul, Queso, Breezy, Zumbo, Honey Bear, Miyagi, Flip Flops


Instrumental SciFi Music             Mary/Buzz

The list everyone received included the exercises and stretches without the names of the song that they went with.The opening music was Star Wars theme music which we stretched out to. The first person to recognize it got to choose which exercise set was next. Someone choose set 8. Mars Attacks was a hard one to recognize, so I just let 9 the next one play. I tried to make sure that an easy recognizable song came after a hard one. I think most everyone got to choose an exercise set and we did all the sets except 4 and 7.

* Opening Stretches – loosen up      *) Star Wars 5:46 

~45 second Exercise (~ 20 reps) – 15 second Stretch Pause and Drink as needed!

1 Laps: 1 = jog; Standing Leg Stretch; 2 = length- lunges, ends- Lt Dan’s squat/lunge      1) Planet of the Apes 1:56 

2 Hillbillies; Triangle stretch; Windmills; Arm Circles; Imperial Walkers; Head Circles      2) Doctor Who 2:41 

3 Cherry Pickers (left to right); Hurdler Stretch      3) Return to the Future 1:26 

4 Butterfly Stretch; Windshield Wipers; Lying Stretch      4) Raiders of the Lost Ark 1:38 

5 Jane Fondas; Supine Spinal Stretch; Heel Beats; Lumbar Stretch      5) James Bond 1:45 

6 Pretzel Crunch; Crunch Stretch; Russian Twists; Knee to Chest Stretch      6) Jurassic Park 2:13 

7 Peter Parker; Leg Stretch; Push-ups; Cobra      7) Mad Max 1:40 

8 Monkey Humpers; Mad Cat; Mountain Climbers; Shoulder Shrugs      8) Mars Attacks 2:26 

9 Reverse Crunch; Rocking Chair Stretch; Ankle Biter; Frog Pose Stretch      9) Men In Black 2:43 

10 LBC; Bridge-up; Superman; Prone Spinal Twist; Calf Raises; Foot Stretch    10) Gremlins 2 2:40 

11 Raggedy Ann; Bending Stretch; Cherry Pickers (front to back); Lean Back Stretch      11) Close Encounters 2:19 

12 Plank (~2:30); Rest Pose      12) Blade Runner 2:31

13 Bicycle; Reverse Rocking Chair Stretch; Boat Canoe; Seated Back Stretch      13) ET 1:42 

14 Tricep Chop; Down Back Arm Stretches     14) Stargate 1:02 

15 Prayer Squat; Arm Stretches; Curls; Cross-body Arm Stretches     15) Star Trek  3:30 

* Closing Stretches     *) X Files  3:26 

COT – It is ok to be different!

Name-A-Rama Buzz, Tex, Broadway, Titanium, Uhaul, Queso, Breezy, Zumbo, Honey Bear, Miyagi, Flip Flops



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