08/23/2023 - the_mud_room - Mad Scientist

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 08/23/2023

QIC: Buzz


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:



The main pic is taken by Challenger, and then she helped me to take the second pic. Thanks so much for joining me this morning Challenger! This is the base Q that I use just about every time (see last Wednesday Mudroom Q) with a few tweaks. The mad part of the workout is that I switched songs between each of the exercises. We did get to hear Fraggle Rock, Spiderman, Neville’s Waltz, Radioactive and a few others, and I got to talk about Dragon Con.      Dragon Con next week!

Mad Scientist  –  8/23/23

Dragon Con Music Mary/Buzz

* Opening Stretches – loosen up


~45 second Exercise (~ 20 reps) – 15 second Stretch Pause and Drink as needed!


1 Laps: 1 = jog; Standing Leg Stretch

2 Hillbillies; Triangle stretch; Windmills; Arm Circles; Imperial Walkers; Head Circles

Walking Dead Fireflies Star Wars

3 Cherry Pickers (left to right); Hurdler Stretch


4 Butterfly Stretch; Windshield Wipers; Lying Stretch


5 Jane Fondas; Supine Spinal Stretch; Heel Beats; Lumbar Stretch 

Wonder Woman Charmed

6 Pretzel Crunch; Crunch Stretch; Russian Twists; Knee to Chest Stretch

Hitchhikers Time Warp

7 Peter Parker; Leg Stretch; Push-ups; Cobra

Spiderman   GI Joe

8 Monkey Humpers; Mad Cat; Mountain Climbers; Shoulder Shrugs

Planet of the Apes NCIS

9 Reverse Crunch; Rocking Chair Stretch; Ankle Biter; Frog Pose Stretch

Big Bang Two Radioactive


11 Raggedy Ann; Bending Stretch; Weed Pickers (front to back); Lean Back Stretch

Sesame Street Fraggle Rock


13 Bicycle; Reverse Rocking Chair Stretch; Boat Canoe; Seated Back Stretch

Bicycle James Bond

* Closing Stretches Neville’s Waltz

COT- Put something fun in your day!



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