11/17/2022 - amazon - Learn the lexicon!

AO: Amazon

When: 11/17/2022

QIC: Miyagi and Signs


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, Signs, Ghostrider, Hammer, Sentinel, Taquito, Rapid


We are working on learning lexicon because the Winter Olympics are coming soon! We warmed up with these : 45 seconds on and 15 off.

Crockpot SquatRegular squat but lowering body slowly on the first 3 counts, lifting up on the 4th count. Weight should be in the heels.
Cut it outAb series. Laying on back, hands under lower back for support, legs 6 inches off ground, 20 flutter kicks, 20 full scissor kicks up and down feet not touching, then 20 dollies. Repeat 3 times or can be done to a full song of choice.
Door KnobsArm exercise. Standing. Raise both arms out to the side so your body looks like a “T”. With your hands rotate your hands back and forth like you are turning a door knob.
Figure 8sIn a squat position, move 1 weight around both legs in a figure 8 shape.
Fold the TacoLaying flat on your back, legs straight, arms straight out. Bring leg straight up while sitting up with upper body. Alternate touching hand to opposite foot, like folding a taco one side at a time.
Mat tapsStanding position, side shuffle to the right 2 times (length of a yoga mat), reach down with right hand and tap the ground, then side shuffle back to the left the length of your “mat” and tap the ground with your left hand. Tapping on right then left is 1 rep.
MotivatorsJumping Jack Routine – Count down from 10 reps

10 full Jumping Jacks, 10 Jumping jacks where arms only raise as high as shoulders, 10 JJ with hands on hips, 10 straight jumps up and down….then 9 full JJ, 9 arms half way JJ, 9 JJ only legs, 9 bouncing straight up and down… then 8 reps 7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

PaincakesPAX complete 1 Big Girl Sit Up, roll over, complete 1 Push Up. Roll over and complete 2 Big Girl Sit Ups, roll over, and do 2 Push Ups. This continues all the way to 10 of each.
WindmillStanding position, feet wider than shoulder width a part, arms straight out. While keeping arms and legs straight touch toes opposite hand to foot. Reaching across the body. Good to use for warm up or stretching at the end.
X’s and O’sOn back with leg and arms extended in a X position several inches off the ground, Q calls O Pax pull legs and arms into chest, Q calls X they extend out into the X position.
Cherry Pickersleft middle right up = one
grass grabbersmiddle, middle, middle up = one


Then we took turns and picked pieces of paper with the names of the FiA exercises and a description. We tried to guess what the  person was doing. A bit like Charades.  We did this for the duration and everyone participated.

COT: This feels hard because it is hard, not because I’m doing something wrong.



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