12/10/2020 - the_mud_room - Kate Kwan Do

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 12/10/2020

QIC: Miyagi


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:


Warm up: 3 laps

Arm windmills forward/backward

Arm stretch overhead, Shoulder Stretch across body

Feet shoulder width apart: Down to right, center, left

Wide squat – press knees out, drop each shoulder

Side lunge and stretch both sides


On mat

One leg forward, other curled front or back: Stretch to toes, look over shoulder (switch)


Spread legs

Down to the right (tuck shoulder in), Down to the left (tuck shoulder in)

Down to the center (try to keep back flat, push belly button towards mat)


Butterfly (bottoms of feet together, knees bent, try to get feet close to butt)

Gently press down on knees,

Pull chin towards feet


Arms!  “Horse Stance” Feet face forward, past shoulder width, knees flexed, fists/weights at waist

30 Punches @ chest height, fist return to waist (alternating sides)

30 High blocks (arms crossed one up other to waist, alternating sides)

30 flys (arms bent at elbow, fists/weights at face level – out to shoulders and back)

30 lawnmowers (15 each side: weight in right hand hangs to left, pull back to right waist)

            Punch for 1 minute



Legs!    Grab your chair!

Front kick: Hold up your knee, hinge at the knee and kick your toes up, STOP, then drop                          your toes, but keep your knee up

10 kicks, on the 10th HOLD IT for 10 (switch)


Side kick: with your knee bent and heel in line with your butt, kick to the side, STOP,                               then pull back.

(keep your foot flat like you are going to kick a wall with the side of your shoe)

10 kicks, on the 10th HOLD IT for 10 (switch)


Back Kick: raise your heel towards your butt, then extend straight back like a horse kick

(kick like you are going to hit a wall with your heel first)

10 kicks, on the 10th HOLD IT for 10 (switch)


            Front Kick, drop to lunge & step forward: around the outside for 1 minute


Abs!     Bicycle for 40

Rope climb 20

Superman for 20



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