03/07/2020 - the_coop - Karen’s Phase 1 Burnout

AO: the_coop

When: 03/07/2020

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Flip Flops, Wheels, Titanium


My friend Karen was in from out of town and stayed with me Friday night. She was telling me about a workout that she’s been using, so of course, I had to know more! In Phase 1, there are 3 sets of exercises with a Burnout set in between each one. Movements are small and pulses are constant. It was a bit confusing to Q, but we managed and felt the burn really quickly! But we had disco music blasting so that helped!

What helped the most was knowing that our reward at the end were Cranberry Orange Scones that Karen had made. She is the scone queen! They were even worth the burpees we had to do and that’s saying a lot!

Flip Flops was queen of the push ups and then hold halfway! (I was just lucky I didn’t hit my head on the ground while holding halfway!) Tex hammered through the squat hold and squat pulse. That really got to you after a short while – you only stand up fully to rest. Wheels got moving with the Mountain Climbers and kept our minds off of the grind as she commented on every other disco tune “I love this one”!

So much fun to exercise together!

The Thang:

PHASE 1 Warm Up – 2 minutes 4 Twists – 4 Squats – 4 Push Ups

Set A 45 sec 3 Rounds

1 Squat hold for 5 Squat pulse for 5

2 Squat hold for 5 Squat w/ front heel touch

3 Bridge hold for 5 Bridge pulse up for 5

4 High Knees

5 Burpees

BURN OUT After Each Set 1 min 1 Round

1 High knees – 20 Quick feet – 20

2 Squat Jump

3 Bicycles

4 Mountain climbers

5 Squat pulse and Squat jump up *

* Build from 1 each and up for time

Set B 45 sec 3 Rounds

1 Bent row – right

2 Bent row – left

3 Push ups – 5 Hold halfway for 5

4 New Jacks (wide & narrow squats – no arms)

5 Bicycles

Set C 45 sec 3 Rounds

1 Squat hold half curl pulse – 5 / Hold – 5

2 Squat hold half press pulse – 5 / Hold – 6

3 Close hand plank – 5 Hold halfway down for 5

4 Bonnie Blairs

5 Wide squat hop – 5 Toe jumps arms up – 5


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