12/07/2020 - the_mud_room - Iron PAX Challenge

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 12/07/2020

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Signs, Buzz, Flip Flops, Broadway (FNG), Chief, Zumbo, Miyagi, Sonic Boom, Queso


I brought back an oldie but a goodie for this beatdown.  The Iron PAX Challenge!

The Thang:

Every minute when you hear the buzzer, you stop what you’re doing and you do 1 burpee! – the PAX loved this!! …especially Flip Flops….lots of mumble chatter from her today lol!

When you’re not doing a burpee, here’s what you’re staying busy with:

5 Macarena plank  – do we ever like these?!
10 man makers – there were rough…..but we made it!
15 decline pushups
20 up/down plank – this is about when our arms were burning!
25 L/R step ups – Miyagi did these with a smile!
30 curls – I saw Buzz knock these out no problem….definitely getting stronger!
35 Sit ups – got the good ol’ thumbs up on these from Chief
40 squat press –
45 push ups – Sonic Boom loved doing every.single.one of these!
50 single lunges
55 flutter kicks – Zumbo knocked these out like a pro!
60 sec plank – Signs timed this one perfectly with the 60 sec burpee buzzer & stuck it out
65 deadlifts
70 tricep extensions
75 plank jacks
80 calf raises
85 kettle bell swing
90 donkey kicks (45L/45R)
95 LBC
100 jumping jacks

I hope this beatdown didn’t scare Broadway (FNG) away and she’ll be willing to come back for more! AWESOME having you out there with us!

COT: if we were left with only what we were thankful to God for yesterday, what would we be left with?

See ya’ll Wednesday!


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