04/23/2021 - the_mud_room - HOLD IT!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 04/23/2021

QIC: Miyagi


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Breezy, Salsa, Buzz, Broadway, UHaul, Chief, HoneyBear, SonicBOOM, Miyagi


HOLD IT!   (A Q full of ballet and other stretch-y stuff)

Warm-up w/ Disclaimer!!!

Barre (Chair): Stand tall, Shoulders Down, tighten core

  • 1st position Plié – Grande Plié – Plié – straight
  • 2nd position Lift to toes, Plié, Straighten, Heels down
  • 4th position Point front foot, Plié, shift and point back foot


  • Standing on one foot, swing other foot front to back (30 sec), Stop in front, HOLD IT for 30 sec
  • Same but swing to side (30 seconds), Stop at side, HOLD IT for 30 sec
  • Same but swing front to back (30 seconds), Stop in back, HOLD IT for 30 sec
  • On one foot with other leg extended: circle from front to side to back, bend knee through to the front for a count of 30, then HOLD IT for 10 seconds each: Front, Side, and back.

          Change sides and repeat the swing & HOLD


Standing Away from chair:

  • Parallel Pliés raising arms above head
  • Stand with legs wide, arms over head: slowly transfer weight to side lunges while leaning body & arms, then straighten. Alternate sides.
  • Feet together, raise onto toes then lower, while bringing arms to front, then to-back (Squeeze and release shoulders) “like a Swan”
  • Flex knees, arms extended: alternating leaning to R & L making “S” to “T” to “S” with arms


On mat: “Table top” position do each for 30 seconds then HOLD IT for 30

  • Extend opposite arm and leg, then tuck (Repeat: other side)
    • Cat/Cow stretch
  • Extend opposite arm and leg, then rotate to side & back (Repeat Both sides)
    • Cat/Cow stretch
  • Straight side plank, extending arm from side to overhead (Repeat Both sides)
    • Cobra stretch between sides


On back: (upside down “Table Top”)

  • Legs extended straight up: criss-cross ankles front, back, then open legs
  • Legs extended straight up: reach (crunch) with straight arms to alternating sides
  • Pull in knees, hug, then extend as far as you can
  • Bridge 30 seconds up/down, then rise to toes and HOLD IT 30 seconds


On chair:

Alternating “fall-back” tricep kicks (8 each side), Alternating full-circle knee crosses (8 each side).  FINAL: Seated “Rockettes”


Stand: Alternating curtsey lunges & gracious bows


Stretch and discuss how graceful and strong and tall and beautiful you are now.



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