07/29/2019 - jimmy_dean - Hill-da-beast – 7/29/19

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 07/29/2019

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Benadryl, Sporty Spice, Drama Queen, Sonic Boom, Titanium, Triple Threat( FNG), Queso


We started our week off right with conquering the Hill-da-beast! 7 PAX posted on this bright-n-early morning at Jimmy Dean!!! Thanks to Titanium for helping make our morning bright by bringing her lanterns so we didn’t trip all over ourselves & the bases and we could actually read what the next exercise was cuz heck if I can remember a thing at 5:30 in the morning!

We parked at the upper lot to be closer to our starting point at the top of the hill by the turf field. Set our mats up, did a quick warm up…

-wide stance bent over leg stretch


-hold wide squat, opposite shoulder to knee

-tricep stretch

…then jumped right in to battle the hill….and the rest of the things. Had a bit of mumble chatter this morning. At first it was to figure out what we were doing and where we were going, but once we got into it, the REAL mumble chatter began. Not too bad though….promise!


We grabbed our weights and headed down the hill to the turf field to round the bases & work our arms.

Benadryl led the charge with me, always keeping a great pace and not even counting her reps – just finishing whenever I finished. Silly girl….doesn’t she know that I lose track of my counting all.the.time….especially when I talk! As Q, it’s hard not to talk, so we probably did an extra count or two of reps here and there, but guarantee that she didn’t mind! Benadryl might actually be the “beast” in the “hill-da-beast” workout! LOL! AND she brought an FNG today! Let’s welcome Triple Threat to Jimmy Dean! I can tell already, there’s lots of strength, will, and socials in the future with Triple Threat! Last week we got Sporty Spice and Drama Queen who’s both been an awesome addition to our morning crew at Jimmy Dean. We’re doing some end of summer growing! Whoot Whoot! And we are all definitely because of it! #BetterTogether . If only I could do pushups like Sonic Boom! Girl is now doing 15 straight up Big Girl! #pushupgoals!

We ended with a COT about finding ways to intentionally grow our faith and our support system by the community we place around us. Accountability. Support. Building each other up. Someone to share things with. Motivation. Inspiration. The 7 of us have a good start to that with showing up this morning and being a part of FiA. Grow your circle to grow yourself in all sorts of ways!

Great Monday, Great workout, Great peeps!


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