10/14/2019 - jimmy_dean - Grab Bag-o-Fun

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 10/14/2019

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Sonic Boom, Titanium, Queso


The terrific trio represented at Jimmy Dean this morning. It was a refreshing 51° outside this morning, but we still worked up a sweat!


We started with a warm-up (15 sec each)

head rolls R

head rolls L

Arm swing out & across

Alt arm swing up and down

Wide squat elbows on knees

Weed pickers

Runners stretch with hip circles R

Runners stretch with hip circles L

jumping jacks

high knees

cross jumps (NS/EW)

alt arm butt kickers

Then went into our first round of an expanding ladder:

Before heading into the Bag-O-Fun, we got our 10 burpees in! We’re almost halfway through the month and we’re doing awesome with our October Burpee Challenge!

After our burpees, we turned to the bag-o-fun. One FiA pulled an exercise out of the bag for the PAX to do while they ran across the length of the parking lot and back. Here’s the contents of the bag:

Titanium and Sonic Boom got to do the one that I wouldn’t want to do for the duration of someone else’s run: monkey humpers! Although they got some of my ab favorites too: russian twists, LBC’s, in/outs. We got a bunch of different things in this morning and started our Monday morning strong.

I had originally prepared this workout for The Coop on Saturday, but since there were no crossovers, I was safe to repeat it. The COT was meant for Saturday though, as it was the National “Savings” Day and National “Free Thought” Day. I combined the two for a fun quote by Steven Wright: “If it’s a penny for your thoughts and you put your 2 cents in, someone, somewhere, is making a penny.” Got a couple chuckles, so it was a win.

Have a great week, ladies!


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