04/20/2022 - amazon - Get to Know You @ the Amazon

AO: Amazon

When: 04/20/2022

QIC: Rapid


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Signs, Hammer, Tacquito, Ghost Rider, Uhaul, Ledecky, Rapid


Warm up: 5 min

Jog a lap

-Small Arm circles forward, small arm circles back

-Large forward, large back

Crockpot squats:

3count down, 1 up x 10

High knees

10 burpees to get warmed up

If you finish early at any point in the workout, do these exercises to stay warm.


Jog to field and play a “This or That” game that determines your exercise:

Coffee or tea?

Tricep dips or elevated push ups x 30

Mountains or beach?

Mountain climbers or plank jacks x 30

Introvert or extrovert?

Bear crawl or crawl bear to midline / center

Born in GA or Born Elsewhere?

Crab walk forward or crab walk backwards to end

Reptile or mammal?

Leap frog or bunny hops to midline / center

Books or TV?

inch worms or duck walk

Hot or cold?

Skip to end, side shuffle (switch sides halfway through)

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Skip to end, side shuffle (switch sides halfway through)

Photo or video?

Plank with Wax on / wax off OR shoulder taps x 30

Christmas or Easter?

Step ups or Bonnie Blair’s x 30 (left, right)

—— —— ——-

Play “Never Have I Ever” with sprints. If you have done the thing called out, Sprint to 18 and back. Wall sit while items are called out.

  • Had kids, sprint
  • Slept in a tent, sprint
  • Sky diving, sprint
  • Changed a tire
  • Traveled outside the country
  • Watched the Bachelor
  • Been to Disney world
  • Had surgery
  • Won the lottery
  • Flipped the bird in traffic

End with a cool down walk to the parking lot!


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