09/09/2022 - the_mud_room - FiA Alpha’s 5th Birthday Blast!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 09/09/2022

QIC: Queso & Titanium


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Queso, Uhaul, Tex, Flip Flops, Songbird, Graphite, Sonic Boom, Challenger, Buzz, Signs, Titanium


Our 5th birthday for FiA Alpha was a fun one! We had birthday music, repped with our FiA Alpha shirts, worked hard, and enjoyed CofFiA together.  Great morning with the tribe!! And so thankful for our continued presence and growth over the years.

WARM UP (In Cadence):

Windmill Toe Touch

Motivators (Jumping Jacks – Full > Side > Feet only > Hop)

Weed Pickers

Toe Taps



5 rounds of each; stay together

H – Happy Jacks

(In cadence 5 jumping jacks + 2 jump squats)

A – Around the world lunges

(Calling “down”: do 5 each – right forward, right side, right back, squat, left back, left side, left front)

P – Paincakes

(Calling “up”: 1 BGS, roll over to 1 push up, 2 BGS, roll over to 2 push ups…to 5)

P – Plank up/downs

(5 in cadence)


(5 Press to Y, tricep extension, cross punch, side dips)

[run to stairs & back]

5 – 5 burpees

T – toe touches

[Run to stairs: 5th floor flights of stairs/plank for the pax]

H – heels to heaven (cadence)

B – 5 birthday Burpees!

I – 5 Indian Style LBC

(In cadence: legs Indian style/cross cross apple sauce, opposite elbow to knee count)

R – 5 renegade row

(In plank w/weights Calling left, right, down….1…to 5)

T – 5 Tricep Extensions

(In cadence)

H – Hip Dips

(In cadence)

D – 5 Donkey kicks

(In cadence)

A – Accumulator

(1:2 Squat & Monkey Humper)

(Calling “squat” answer w/number; & “down” for monkey humpers)


squat 1, down 1, down 2

Squat 1, squat 2, down 1, down 2 down 3 down 4

Y – “Why?!” 5 more birthday burpees!

! – squat jumps (cadence)



Lace fingers and stretch palms up; then, palms down to ground

Child’s pose

Lying knee to chest; switch legs

Reclining Butterfly pose



Closed out with everyone calling out what they love about FiA Alpha – accountability, 5:30am social time, friendships, strengthening our bodies, gathering of powerful women, fun, and more! It’s a privilege being part of such an amazing group of women with a bonus of health, grit, and strength!

Invite your friends and lets keep growing!


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