04/21/2021 - the_mud_room - FIA Alpha Q School 2021!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 04/21/2021

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Songbird, Grateful, Honey Bear, Sonic Boom, Miyagi, Tex, Titanium, Mid Mod, Broadway, Buzz, Signs


Today’s workout was a little different than our typical workouts, but we still had the same structure with a lot of talking mixed in!  When the leadership team decided that it was time to do another Q school, Tex and I started reading up on Q school ideas that other areas had done.  FIA SouthShore actually shared this Q school and we agreed that it was a good one to do.

FIA Mission – “A community of women who’s mission is to make each other stronger in all areas” – including leadership

FIA Nationally is 100 percent volunteer led. Community led.  Starfish analogy.  We want to share the Q with you.  

What is a Q? In FIA, Q means the person responsible for the result… on our local leadership team, we have a social media Q, a Communications/ newsletter Q, a Social Q, a Gear Q, site Q’s and a regional Q.  


Result that a workout Q is aiming for:

Make everyone sweat

Keep everybody together (No FIA Left Behind)

Encourage everybody


Today, walk you through being a workout Q for a day:


Plan according to your own likes – tabata, traveling, a theme (loved what Queso did on Monday)


Start on time


Introduction and Disclaimer:

“FiA is free and peer-led by women like us! It is important to introduce yourself and say the disclaimer at every workout, even if it’s to the same people who have heard it 20 times before. Since we don’t sign medical waivers, this is our waiver!  Here’s an example: “Hi I’m Boston, and I am not a trained professional. Please modify up or down and take breaks as needed. Exercise at your own free will, push yourself, but listen to your body and don’t do something that you know will hurt you.”

At FiA, we know that not everyone can do all the things, so for example, if Russian Twists hurt your lower back then do standing Imperial Walkers, or any exercise for that matter. As long as you stay moving and challenge yourself!”


Sidenote: (important to warm up the muscles, also gives late comers the chance to get settled)

 In cadence (to keep women together): windmills, jumping jacks, cherry pickers, buttkickers and Micheal Phelps

Sidenote : Warm up times can vary, some being only a couple minutes and some lasting 10 minutes. Check the Internet or past Backblasts for warm up ideas. Counting in cadence can engage the group but you can also count yourself or call out others to count.  Also, if you’re ever confused about what cherry pickers or Micheal Phelps (etc.) are, you can look at the Lexicon on the FIA nation or FIA alpha websites.

The Thang: (about 10 minutes each)

Sidenote  – Only Q what you can do.

Legs, Arms, Abs

Tabata –

Seconds and Tabata timer apps are really helpful, benefit of Tabata, you don’t need to keep count

Round 1

20 sec. Burpees

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Skaters

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Dips

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Fold the Taco

10 sec. Rest

Round 2

20 sec. Squat Hammer Press

10 sec Rest

20 sec. High Knees

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Pushups

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Scissors 

10 sec. Rest

Sidenote – Stations – another option

4 cones at 4 points, 10 reps

Round 1

(1) jumping jacks then duckwalk to (2) curtsy lunges, do high kneesto (3) Monkey Humpers then duckwalk to (4) Brooke Burkes, then high knees back to start.

Round 2

(1) Imperial Walkers then buttkicks to (2) Jump Squats, and grapevine to (3) walnut crushers then butt kicks to (4) in and outs, then grapevine back to start.


Partner Workout

1 person Runs/Walks Other person does exercise, benefits no need to time or count

Side Lunges


Sumo Squat

Calf Raise

Hold Plank


Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips


Together – 10 Burpees

Sidenote: No FIA left behind.  If one group finishes earlier, have them do squats, jumping jacks or plank holds

Sidnenote: 45 minutes workout.  Options if you still have time and nothing else planned:

Aborama, run a lap, song workouts, stretching

Cool down:

Sidenote Yoga Stretch

Downward dog, cobra/up dog, Runners Lunge, Lunge twist, Pigeon, down dog, cat cow, arm/shoulder stretch(thread needle), child’s pose, figure 4, lying torso twist, lying hamstring stretch,  sit up to butterfly, side stretch

Name-a-rama & COT:

Sidenote: Explain what the purpose of name-a-rama and COT is. “This is part of what makes FiA unique. After the cool down, or the workout if cool down is skipped, everyone circles up. Q starts the name-a-rama and circles around to each individual. It goes as: birth name, age, FiA name. The reason for name-o-rama (membership card).  The reason we share our age (to know that we have women aged 12-80 getting better together).  If the FiA is 50+ you clap, say her FiA name, and say Respect.”

“Once name-a-rama is over, the Q begins her COT. This could be an inspiring quote, paragraph from a book, personal story, a prayer or scripture. Whatever the Q would like to share. Sometimes it can be a simple, ‘thanks for joining me, you all did great!’ She has devoted some time to creating and leading a workout, so this is about her and the PAX supports whatever she would like to share.”   



Mention any events that are coming up, philanthropy efforts the PAX is working on, any upcoming socials, reminders. You can ask the PAX if they know of any announcements that you don’t.

Also mention how if you have never Q’d before, it is encouraged to co-Q with someone, or reach out to leadership or a seasoned workout Q to run your workout by them. Timing is important when leading the workout. When touching base with someone regarding your first Q or if someone reaches out to you about Q’ing, offer support. Explain what a pre-blast and back-blast is. FiA is not only run by the Regional Q, but everyone takes a part of the pie. Working together is how our region can thrive and operate on its own. Remember, we are all doing this for free, and get in a free workout at the same time. Let’s help each other out.


Thanks for attending Q School today, ladies.  Loved doing it with you.


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