09/08/2021 - the_mud_room - FiA Alpha 4th Birthday Celebration!

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 09/08/2021

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Natya (FNG), Boxer, Graphite, Miyagi, Sweet Treat, Breezy, Uhaul, Caligirl, Flip Flops, Titanium


We were a day early celebrating FiA Alpha’s 4th birthday, but it’s a birthday season, not a day, right?!  And even though it was soggy, we spread out on opposite sides of the green with mats lengthwise for more room in the middle.  Everyone received 2 plastic plates and we were ready with our birthday songs.

For the songs with the word “birthday” in it, we stopped the exercises and did something special for each time the word was sung.  Every other song was a birthday song…  The favorite was the Kettlebell Swing with Murder Bunnies for “birthday”.  F3 does Murder Bunnies with concrete blocks, but we stacked the foam blocks for our version!!  For these, you reach out and put your blocks down far in front of you, keeping your hands on the blocks, and then hop your feet up to your blocks.  Keep going and you get Murder Bunnies.  Maybe next time we’ll use some weight…or maybe not!

The alternate songs were done in pairs with the pax across from each other on the green.  One would do 17 of the “counting” exercise (denoted by **) while the other did another exercise.  All of these were with the plates on hands or feet.  (We didn’t get to the last song, but I included it in case you want to try at home)

Celebration 04:58 WARM UP
Good Morning Cross Jacks Arms & feet cross in front
High Knees Leg Swings Swing in front
Imperial Walkers Squat & Reach Up
Birthday (Beatles) 02:43 BIRTHDAY SONG Lunge / Froggers
Alpha 02:43 PLATES Push Ups – Single hand slide (Kneeling)
**Jack Knife – pull bent knees under body (Tuck)
Birthday (Katy Perry) 03:35 BIRTHDAY SONG Tricep Dips or Extensions / Mountain Climbers
Celebrate 03:12 PLATES Slide single foot out and back into glute bridge
**Curtsy Lunge – swing leg around to curtsy lunge
Birthday (Gomez) 03:20 BIRTHDAY SONG Kettlebell Swing / Murder Bunnies
Party In the USA 03:22 PLATES Alligator Walk – walk hands forward/backward
**Jumping Jacks
Birthday (Somi) 03:05 BIRTHDAY SONG Sit Ups / Russian Twists
Celebrate 03:17 PLATES Circles – both feet out & around
**Sumo Squat / Jump In
Too Bad on Your Birthday 03:11 BIRTHDAY SONG Sit Ups / Russian Twists
Party 04:08 PLATES Reverse Lunge to Forward Lunge
**Pike – pull feet in and butt up


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