02/15/2021 - the_mud_room - Feeling Presidential

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 02/15/2021

QIC: Sonic Boom


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Buzz, Signs, Broadway, U-Haul, Titanium


We met on a cold & rainy President’s Day to test ourselves and get in a workout and some friendly chatter!

Warm Up:

  • Toy soldiers
  • Good mornings
  • High knees/rear kicks
  • Pendulums
  • Figure 4 squats


Presidential Fitness Challenge  (Remember this from grade school?? We all had fun thinking of old times, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but with my FiA friends!)

  • Sit-ups OR Crunches: one minute
  • Shuttle Run (+Abs): we took turns doing the 30ft. shuttle – Broadway beat the benchmark!
  • Pull-ups OR Right Angle Push-ups: we shot for 25 push-ups – I think U-Haul is the only one who was able to do them all!
  • V-Sit Reach: Signs’ flexibility was impressive as she reached 8 inches!
  • One Mile Run/Walk: we took laps after each task, but I challenged the ladies to time themselves on their own this week!

46 Second Circuit:


Reverse plank

Elevated heel touch (or sparky crab)

Sumo squats

Imperial walkers

Deadlift/upright row combo

Elevated heel touch (or sparky crab)

Narwhals (Thanks, Broadway, for helping me spell early in the morning!)

Triceps extensions

Stretch, CoT, Name-o-rama:

“The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph.” -George Washington


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