12/14/2021 - the_haven - Faa Laa Laa Laa Fun

AO: The Haven

When: 12/14/2021

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Signs, Natya, Sonic Boom


Today was a chilly morning so we vowed to keep running the whole time.  Since we were all about the holidays and decking the halls, I decided that we would travel to different breezeways for our different sets of rep.  That way we could see the lights and wreaths and feel like this was a real “Deck the Halls” kinds of workout.  Super fun, since this AO is called the Haven, we found a luxury apartment complex called….duh, duh, duh,… the Haven during one of our stops.  So cool!!!  Double verification that we picked the right name for this AO.  So here’s how our FAA-LAA-LAA-LAA workout went.


Warm-Up:: High Knees, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Walk/run the circle while we wait for any stragglers

The Thang: F= Full Body, A= Arms, A= Abs, A=Legs (everything with weights)


We started FAA still in our meetup location in case anyone was still coming:

F: Man Makers x 10 (Burpee, prior to doing pushup row right, then left, then finish the burpee)

A: Tricep Extension in sumo squat hold x20

A: Hillbillies x 20


Move to Haven Breezeway for LAA:

L: Donkey Kicks with a pulse x 20 per leg

A: Renegade Rows x20

A: Big Girl Sit-Ups with a chest pull x20


Move to Cafe Intermezzo outdoor eating area for LAA:

L: Curtsy Lunges x20

A: Bicep Curls with a Push Down to a Chair Squat x20

A: Russian Twists x20


Move to Whole Foods Parking Deck for  LAA:

L: Deadlifts x20

A: Flies x20

A: V-Up with weight x20


Move back to the Haven Breezeway for our last LAA:

L: Jane Fonda x20

A: Laying down Chest Flies x20

A: Bicycles x20


One round of Aborama to Christmas music, COT. Nameorama and one last picture in the Breezeway since it was so nice.

We ended by walking back our initial location together while we talked about holiday plans.  Great way to spend a chilly morning and we all broke a sweat despite the cold.

A snippet of our COT: “Don’t miss the beautiful.  How many times do we drive right through the busyness of our days and miss the beautiful?  How many moments of glory do we not every see because our eyes are fixed on the mundane?  Do we even look for it?  As we head into the busy holiday season and dance between the days of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years-as we decorate the doors and hearths of our homes and communities, lets be intentional to decorate the doors and hearths of our hearts with ribbons of God’s grace and His word…..  let’s commit to remembering the best presents of all…..”


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