10/04/2019 - midway - F3’s Sugar’s Pick Your Poison

AO: midway

When: 10/04/2019

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Peachy, Titanium


Though our other pax couldn’t join us for various reasons, Peachy and I decided to workout together and start our Friday right! I took my M’s F3 Q from last week still on the whiteboard – I’m creative like that! Instead of concrete blocks, we used boyfriends and started off our wo with the mandatory 10 burpees. Then we did a dora – while one started the exercise and counted, the other carried the bag down the field and back. Peachy is quick and ran the full field. I fast walk, so only went to the 55 yard line and back… We did 2 rounds with no “elapsed time scoring” – no need to prove we’re good!

With this Q, each pax picks one of the two exercises (or mixes them up) for their counting portion of the set. When the runner returns, they swap off and the exercising pax picks up with the count and their own exercise choice. Continue until the count reaches 100 and then move on to the next set. Rinse and repeat until all sets have been completed twice.

We finished up with a few more exercises and then abs for a well-rounded wo. Peachy is a beast! She is a hardcore fitness enthusiast plus is 6 months pregnant – I just try to keep up! So glad to have someone setting an example and challenging me each week!

COT – Closed in prayer for Peachy’s move and my friend’s tough spell in life. Thankful for women to share wo’s with, but most thankful to share faith and life with these FiA friends!


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