11/17/2021 - rosewater - Drama Mama &. Tex Birthday Q – Respect!

AO: Rosewater

When: 11/17/2021

QIC: Tex & Drama Mama


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Legally Blonde, Kpop, DIY, Songbird, Drama Mama, Tex


To celebrate Drama Mama’s 50th Birthday (respect), she and Tex (her birthday buddy – older by one year) co-Qed the workout. This was Drama Mama’s VQ and she did an excellent job, brought the dance moves to the warm up and great music to the workout.

The Thang:

5 rounds of ALARM (Arm, Leg, Ab, Run, Mamamia!)

Round 1:

Bicep curls – 10

Squats – 10

Plank – 50 seconds

Butt kickers – 50

Burpees – 10


Round 2:

Hammer curls – 10

Squats – 10

LBCs for 50 seconds

High knees – 50

Burpees – 10


Round 3:

Tricep extensions – 10

Squats – 10

BGS for 50 seconds

1 lap – 50 feet?

Burpees – 10


Round 4:

Bicep curls – 10

Squats – 10

Russian Twists for 50 seconds

Jacks – 50

Burpees – 10


Round 5:

Bicep curls – 10

Squats – 10

Bicycle for 50 seconds

Skaters – 50

Burpees – 10


By the end of 5 rounds we had done 50 bicep curls, 50 squats, and 50 burpees (as well as several other things) in honor of Drama Mama’s 50th birthday.

Next we moved to the “respect” portion of the workout and did most of these exercises for 50 seconds:

R – Raggedy Ann – in a sumo position, hands laced behind the head at the ears, alternate sides reach one had down and touch the heel of the same side then repeat on the other side. Bending at the waist, keeping the back straight.

E – Elevated tricep pushups – we didn’t want them to feel neglected since we spent so much time on the biceps today.

S – Side Lunges – alternating

P – Protractors – while laying on our backs, we went around the circle twice. PAX called out various angles to hold legs at, such as 10 degrees, 30, 90, 110.

E – (figure) Eight Shuffles – like “fast feet” but in a figure 8.

C – crockpot squat – Regular squat but lowering body slowly on the first 3 counts, lifting up on the 4th count.

T – Turkish Get up – Laying on back, use only one arm and your legs to “get up” to a standing position.

Drama Mama cooled us down with some stretching. Even though it was a cold morning, we were very warmed up after 50 burpees! Then she shared about a meaning verse in her life as her COT.

What a great celebration! Respect, Drama Mama!


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