08/24/2022 - amazon - Deck of Cards with a Twist

AO: Amazon

When: 08/24/2022

QIC: Hammer


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 3

Pax Names:

Ghost Rider, Ledecky, Homegrown, Goldie, Signs, Hammer, Early Bird (FNG), New Girl (FNG), Munchkin (FNG)


Warm up: Windmills, arm circles, Weed pickers

The Thang:

Everyone gets 5 cards to start. Each suit corresponds to a focus area. Hearts = upper body, diamonds = lower body, spades = core, clubs = cardio.  The number on the card indicates the number of reps for the exercise, with J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14.  We went around the circle.  On her turn, each PAX selected from their cards which one everyone would do for that round.

Round 1: Hearts=push ups, Diamonds = squats, Spades = sit ups, Clubs = Jumping jacks

Round 2: Hearts=overhead press, Diamonds = step ups, Spades =bicycles, Clubs = High knees

Round 1: Hearts=tricep dips, Diamonds = lunges, Spades = leg lifts, Clubs = Mountain climbers

Round 1: Hearts=bicep curls, Diamonds = Figure 4 squats, Spades = Russian twists, Clubs = squat jumps

There were 4 rounds, so everyone had one card left over.  The surprise was that that card told you how many burpees you got to do at the end.

We finished off with a  partner plank while the other partner ran a lap around the soccer field.

COT: “Give it to God and go to sleep.”



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