11/04/2019 - jimmy_dean - Day 1 of “Thanks-Mas” Challenge

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 11/04/2019

QIC: Sonic Boom


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Sonic Boom, Titanium


Titanium had the great suggestion to do a challenge the next two months to workout 3 times per week – well, this is day one! She is my faithful ride or die, and we started the week off with the below:

Quick warm-up

Round 1 – 10 of each: Jumping jacks, squat press, step-ups, triceps dips, decline push-ups, split squats, chest flies, balance deadlifts

Round 2 – 20 of each: Jumping jacks, squat press, step-ups, overhead triceps extensions, hammer curls, split squats, chest flies, balance deadlifts

Follow each round with 30 seconds of mountain climbers

Round 3 – 45 seconds each: Walking lunge, low plank, speed skaters, seated overhead press, wall sit, high knees

Round 4 – Doras: partner 1 does first exercise for 30 reps, partner 2 does second move for duration (then switch)

Russian twists, side bends

Reverse crunches, J-Los

Side plank with dips – L, bicycles

Side plank with dips – R, calf raises

In & outs, dollies

Plank shoulder taps, Superman

Finished with a lap to the parking lot and back, then stretch!

CoT: Isaiah 53 and its prophetic message was quoted in my marriage group on Sunday, and I seemed to remember from Bible Study Fellowship that the chapter is quoted so much in the New Testament that it could almost be reconstructed from references there. Verse 5 says, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Let’s head into the week praising God in gratitude for our salvation because he delivered on His promises.


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